[ Aeonian ]

[さようなら/Leaving 中断]

GODDAMMIT! She's too cute! I want her to be my wife
Sigh. She's just too perfect though

Need something?
Only way to ask. 
Do not bother pming/gifting me.

We sometimes lose ourselves in our miseries, shrouded by the darkness, engulfed in sorrow, that our happiness is forgotten for the moment and lost in an abyss. We try and try to feel something other than this embracing sadness, though, we can't. We just can't bring ourselves to find that person or one that thing that makes us smile...That one thing that could change us... But... We are blinded by this seething sorrow that we forget what we had will always be there. The memories.... the happiness that we've felt in the pass... It will always remain. Forever. And whatever happens, it will always be that happiness.
Smile :]

If there was something I could tell you, something you need to know, it would be that you should forget about me.