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Kirito Yuuki on 09/27/2016


ħε ηαɱε'Ş xyε
(ιммa ғoх ιn dιѕgυιѕe)

Age: 24 years old

Hobbies: You can probably find me playing video games in spare time.
(I am a huge fan of Kingdom Hearts, but really I'm a fan of most games.)
If I'm not playing video games then I'm usually:
baking something delicious, writing, drawing, or making some type of music.
I love: things that look dark/disturbing to others, but I also love cutesy things, different cultures, and people
Favorite types of fashion: punk, goth, nu goth, pastel goth, and fairy kei.
Favorite Beverages: tea, water, and Dr. Pepper
Favorite Person: The Hubby
I'm obsessed with: Alice in Wonderland.
I dislike:
mushrooms, (I really hate how they taste and I don't like their texture at all.)

I am also a Christian and a True Believer of Christ. He is my Savior and Friend XD
He saved me January 30, 2007
I sometimes stumble, but that only makes me human.
Thanks by the grace of God, I can pull through, and overcome =)

So anyways that's enough about me =)


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Kirito Yuuki Report | 09/27/2016 12:17 pm
Terribly.... It's been set back another 2 weeks because my stepdad TOOK THE KEY WITH HIM WHEN HE LEFT
Kirito Yuuki Report | 09/10/2016 8:44 pm
Meh. Ripping up subfloor & rebuilding. And fix my car
Kirito Yuuki Report | 09/09/2016 2:13 pm
Meh. Still working on stuff after the flood
Kirito Yuuki Report | 09/08/2016 3:41 pm
Pokes you repeatedly.
DragoD5 Report | 09/07/2016 7:17 pm
Well we don't go out much, so we like to watch movies and order food in from our favorite restaurants. We play online games, and we have been watching the news about Clinton and Trump.
Snowflowers Rain Report | 09/02/2016 8:16 pm
Sometimes. Mostly during the winter. My favorite thing about this though is, I love the quietness and seclusion.
Snowflowers Rain Report | 08/30/2016 8:14 pm
Other than the road flooding from time to time, yeah, I love it.
Snowflowers Rain Report | 08/28/2016 5:30 pm
I live in the woods, in the middle of nowhere.
Kirito Yuuki Report | 08/19/2016 9:19 pm
Of course we're okay, loser. We're badasses. Although, my car got ******** the hell up. Goodbye, old a** interior. Bet that s**t is gonna mildew before I can get to it
Snowflowers Rain Report | 08/18/2016 1:50 pm
Lol Well good! God I miss talking to you on a daily basis. Sucks that I can't get wifi out where I live.