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Lovely art by: Czhe heart

The Gorillaz - Dare

Blue - The Birthday Massacre

Duvet - Boa

Gorillaz - Feel good inc

Oomph! - Sandmann

Oomph! - Augen auf

Rammstein - Du Hast

А.Р.М.И.Я - Я тебя люблю

Ирина Билык - Рябина алая


Seeing a fine guy like - Ms New Booty

xXxSmaxXx - aka - Sammy/Sam


Gender: Female

Moulin Rouge! „El Tango de Roxanne" Lyrics


About me to an extent:
Hello hello I'm most commonly known as Sam/Sammy but my name is Samantha. I'm a tomboy, tend to horde music as well as write poems and music/sing in my freetime.

I also make jewerly and a link to that will be posted soon.
Jewelry web:
I play a variety of games and will most likely be posting my recommendations soon as well.
Video games:

I am a part of a parody roleplay group called Kuroshitsuji Facebook you can find out more about us and our shenangians by visting LeeAnns page here to find our Wix, tumblr, facebook, etc: http://leeann-anime-fan.deviantart.com/

They would often say that death could be brutal as well as beautiful.
Lady death would often turn into a butterfly and lead others to their demise with her looks manipulating their curiosity.

When this would not work, she took her true form and brutally forced them to a bitter end in which there was no return.

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Dream Avis

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Human A Potion
Cat Noir (Cat Claws)
Dark Baronet (Embroidered Vest)
Compass of Seidh (White Feather Scarf)
Untoten Gegner
Gacha Expert (Hair with SC Agape)
Akihabara Nobody
Zodiacal (Capricorn Spectacled Eyes)
Wayward Son (Confused Mouth)
Disgrace of Hubris (Legs)
Ghostly Buccaneer (Cutlass)

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Human A Potion
Sea Supremacy (Shark Fin)
Su-purr-ior Catch Meow (Muffler)
Descent of the Highwire
Tedious Lady (Sleeves)
Raspberry Ribbon Candy
Siolfor Conjuring (Horns)
Trickster's Jest (Hair)
The Greek Butcher
Astra-131: Grey Blue Blinking Come-Hither Eyes
Eyeshadow Sweep
Hollywood Lips (Dark Red)

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Human A Potion
September Light Mythrill Wings
Gacha Champion (Boots)
Miss Mustachio (Coat)
Midnight Baronet (Fur Long Scarf)
Whispering Wisteria (Ribbons)
Absolute Zero
Emerald Dream (The Superficialist's Brains)
Midnight Majoko Mariko Eyes (Lightning Storm)
Adelpha's Resolve (Mouth)
Hostess of Illogical Tea (Hair (with SC Agape))

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Human A Potion
The Widow (Blouse)
Highwire Iris (Crinoline Skirt)
Rose Commander (Pants)
Su-purr-ior Catch Meow
Gimpi (Skull Collar Pin)
White and Black Devil Tail
Astra: Horns of Starlight
Tenebrous Porcelain Doll (Hair)
Violince (Knife)
Cool Bloody Mary Eyes (Light Blue)
Bloodied Asmodeus' Wings
Kallida Kumiho (Bloody Lips)
Bloody Teddy Bear (2)

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A New Era (Leggings)
Astra: Soft Twitching Pink Tiger Ears
Human A Potion
Astra-161: Waving Pink Cat Tail
High Blush (Pink)
Warm Bambi Hair (Pink)
Astra: Golden Breeze
Catch Meow (Arms with Bag)
Dark Eurydice Eyes (Gold and Teal)
Hollywood Lips (Bright Pink)
The Moth Lullaby (Hat)
Lovers' Letters (Heart Filled)
Black Lace Heart Mood Bubble (top right)
Fall Sea (Dress)

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Human A Potion
Leliel's Wings
Golden Genji (Hair)
King of Coins (Crown and Piercings)
Kama's Invitation (Feet)
Bunnihilation (Bunderoos)
Earphone Singer (Jacket)
Wayward Thrall (Eyes)
SDPlus #487 Ms. Mills (Mouth)
Guang the Golden Qilin (Horns)
White Pumpkin Patch
Yellow Sea Swindler (Sword)

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Welcome to Sams store. I have (sometimes) rare or very expensive items on the market depending on the day and time and why I need to sell the item,I do not like it when people beg for the item listed its just plain rude and disrespectful. However I may lower the price a little if I find it necessary and agreeable because I do put some prices a little high. (sorry dearest but sometimes I need an item price placed decently expensive) I will not trade a good item for several bad ones for example : A Alruna-Rose for Bone Scythe, Neutral Starter Boots and a Gold Tiara with Onyx. Now it may sound acceptable and good to you but its not worth or around the same amount as that item.

Thank you for buying~
And have a nice day~

- Yours truly Sammy

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Kikuo - ごめんね ごめんね "Gomennne gomennne"

Kamisama no Kamisama - Hanae

【UTAU PV】 ごめんね ごめんね I'm sorry I'm sorry 【闇の音・亮治・闇】


Welcome to my profile. Where I horde music I forgot or didn't have time to put on my tumblr.

Song writer/singer and video gamer. Poetry writer and part time jewelry maker.

Gomen ne

Gomen ne

Currently > Loving this font like hella while hoarding tunes