Catchy song cx

Good song cx

cute video cx

stalkers! :D <33

Eat My Butt Cakes
s p o o s h a
Dorky RaiRai
Cosmic Condoms

I wuld do da rest but i kinda lazy hehe ^-^;

"You dont have to be perfect to let someone love you.
Remember, being yourself is the best way to
make somebody fall in love with you"

Thats me with my awesomesauce goggles cx
And thats not really how my lips look o:
I just decided to do a pose with my upper
lip sucked in :3 As of 8/12/2012 that is
no longer my hair as it was chopped off..

People that are on drawings
are the ones who drew em c:

Alaina is like one of the
awesomest person evar.
But just dont get on her
bad side otherwise she'll
bite off ur head c:. If
u get the chance to then try
to get to know her. But atm
shes busy with life o:

This guy has some of
the most cutest avis O:.
Well most of the time XD.
Hes also awesome c:.
We dont really talk as much
anymore. Idk why o:. So i
cant tell u much : P

Emmy is like my best friend of gaia atm cx
She is like... epic XD. I might have to
take up all the room of my profile to
describe her. It started out with a
random add to us talkin randomly to
us being buddys XD. I love her so much.
AS A BUDDY! O: i have my boy toy up there o u o

So, here I am. Bored so I decided to mess around
with this c:. Below is the date that I last edited
this and just the dates that I have changed my profile.
9/7/2013, 9/17/2013, 12/21/2013, 11/24/2014,

Oh gawsh. I haven't been on gaia in such awhile. . .
Currently using my little brother's computer since
my computer obviously hates gaiaonline
So. . . I guess to tell some stuff about myself

My name is Bruce
Every May 13th is a new year
Currently Asian (as if I could change that XD )
Currently 16 and a Junior in high school (Kinda feelin old)
I am gay ^^

Looking back at what I wrote last time, I find it
kind of funny about the things that I've said. But
couldn't be as bad as the first few things that I
wrote when I first started gaia way back when haha xD.

But, things that are the same is that I'm still a
cellist and still improving. I'm still gay and Asian.
bwahaha. . . And my stupid brother's computer has a
damn autocorrect so there's red squigglies under all of
these words -_-. So much irritation. . .

Though, if you want to get to know me better, drop me a
PM! But it might take awhile for me to reply~ SO DO IT

Oh and I don't even know what's going on between Andy
and Me. I've been meaning to remove Andy off of my
profile for close to a year and a half now but I guess
it's just a reminder of my mistakes.

If you guys want to keep in contact
with me outside of gaia, then my instagram is
Cyborgtronic. Just DM me and if I like you
then I will give you my Kik or Skype. I've
been getting too many ***** trying to add me
on kik since I left it on my Insta profile -_-
Stupid pervs. . .

This little butthole just hates responding to my msgs.
But I love this guy so much. I mean like Taison has
been there for me for basically everything but right now,
as stated above, he is being a little s**t head > _ >

Ohmygosh. Lawd have mercy on how I used to be haha. But this is
an edit for 10/3/2016. I have not been on in years and it kinda
feels weird. It kinda feels weird knowing that I made so many
friends on gaia, but we kinda lost contact as we all moved on
with our lives. I wish that I stayed in contact with the
majority of them. They were such amazing people and
unfortunately, I cannot meet people like that on gaia anymore
because of how shitty the economy became. There's no way to
really enjoy this . . . game? . . . anymore.

I guess what is really upsetting is that I used to have this
account for years. And I mean years haha. October 7th, 2008.
Such amazing times haha. Ohmygosh. I just realized how
depressing this is getting haha I'm sorry.

This account just has so many memories. Idek what to say anymore
because there's just so much to say for all of my missing
friends of the past. In a way, I wish that I was as old
as all of my older friends and maybe then we could've stayed
closer in life. But life goes on, and so do I. Who knows when
I will be back. But if you are one of those people that I have
talked to and loved so much, then please try to get into
contact with me <3. Otherwise, I think this is going to be my
last time logging in as a gaian.

Oh yeah, I'm 18 and a freshman in college. So quite a lot has
changed, including me haha.