Catchy song cx

Good song cx

cute video cx

stalkers! :D <33

Xx_ComeAtMe13roh_xX on 10/19/2014
Eat My Butt Cakes
d a n d y - f a t - c a t
s p o o s h a
d a n d y - f a t - c a t
Dorky RaiRai

I wuld do da rest but i kinda lazy hehe ^-^;

Comment box thingy link box.
Wouldnt u like to comment me?

I bite if u comment me o u o
But no worries, not to hard XD

"You dont have to be perfect to let someone love you.
Remember, being yourself is the best way to
make somebody fall in love with you"

Thats me with my awesomesauce goggles cx
And thats not really how my lips look o:
I just decided to do a pose with my upper
lip sucked in :3 As of 8/12/2012 that is
no longer my hair as it was chopped off..

People that are on drawings
are the ones who drew em c:

Alaina is like one of the
awesomest person evar.
But just dont get on her
bad side otherwise she'll
bite off ur head c:. If
u get the chance to then try
to get to know her. But atm
shes busy with life o:

This guy has some of
the most cutest avis O:.
Well most of the time XD.
Hes also awesome c:.
We dont really talk as much
anymore. Idk why o:. So i
cant tell u much : P

Emmy is like my best friend of gaia atm cx
She is like... epic XD. I might have to
take up all the room of my profile to
describe her. It started out with a
random add to us talkin randomly to
us being buddys XD. I love her so much.
AS A BUDDY! O: i have my boy toy up there o u o

So, here I am. Bored so I decided to mess around
with this c:. Below is the date that I last edited
this and just the dates that I have changed my profile.
9/7/2013, 9/17/2013, 12/21/2013

So, a bit about myself.... Lets see...
My hair is no longer green nor long due to AFJROTC.
Though, starting from.. I would say February til the
summer, I wouldn't be cutting my hair so that it could
grow out.
I love having long hair. I personally thing that I
look better with longer hair than shorter.

Before I would just say that my name starts with a
B, but now I'm like... ehh screw it. Bruce is my real
name, or you can call me by my user c:.
I'm asian, born in southern California, but now live
more towards the mountains now. The side with all
those fires the past two summers and the flooding this
year. Also, I'm gay so... yeah.

I'm currently a sophomore and I could play cello. I'm
sorta good at it but I'm still gettin there c:. I could
finally play sixteenth notes this year! xD... so excited..
But, I've been playing cello for about a year c:

I don't take too kindly to homophobes or anyone against
gay rights. If you're my friend and you're against
gay rights and hate gays, then I would think that you
hate me because I'm gay and you don't support me even
if you turn a blind eye.

I love sitting on people c:. I think laps are the
most comfortable thing ever or just laying on
people c:.

I love swings. I dunno why but I just find them
so relaxing o:.

I hate people who spread secrets around because I mean
like... they're called secrets for a reason -_-.

Hey guise c:.
I cannot believe that it's going to be the end of 2013
in just a few days! Are y'all ready to say goodbye? o:
Well, not goodbye but just a farewell and hopefully we
see eachother again soon c:. As y'all can tell, I'm
not around as much anymore even though this acc
had given me many memories and friends, and all of my
friends have moved on in life. I guess if you guys
want to keep in contact with me out of gaia, I have
an Instagram : Cyborgtronic.

Reflecting on this year alone, I learned more about
the darker side of me. What have you learned about yourself?