Hey~, I'm Shawna or xXxCinderellaGirlxXx... I always have a hard time introducing myself, so please excuse my lameness. whee

To start off I live in the US. I love movies, music, and animanga. Some of my favorites are: the Birdcage (movie), Kaya (music), and Kara no Kyoukai (anime).

I've been RPing for about eight years, but off and on the past two years. My last RP was a one-on-one that lasted... Four years, I think? rofl So I feel a little rusty.

I RP realistic, fantasy, anime-based... Just about anything as long as the story is interesting. xd

Now I don't know what else to say. smile So if there are any questions, please ask. 3nodding

Thanks for reading.<3