★Places to Find me:
(outside and on Gaia that is)
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*Skype: SterioMonster / I don't accept random adds, tell me who you are or that you are adding me before hand or I'll decline.

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Oh lord, there be an update here [6/26/2017] //after 2 years lololol.

★↘Why hello stranger
I am Tithe, you may call me Tie for short if you like. c: I'm mostly on Gaia for art doing and when I'm bored with nothing else to do. I am all for random conversations but I am a little ADD and tend to roam off when I get bored - I won't bite if you talk to me. I can usually be found in the art related threads [i.e mini shops, freebies, request..ect.] and on occasion I dwell in CB for the laughs. I tend to hid out on my other account a lot lol if you run into me on it feel free to say hi c: If you ever have business with me and I'm not online I'm probably on my other account and you can message me there if you know what it is.

★↘Friend Requests
-If they are random they will be declined. If we have talked I will most likely accept. I don't like random adds :> If you can't bother to attempt to converse with me don't add me.

★↘Art related
- If you have any questions regarding commissions, art trades, or other things in general feel free to message me on this account or my other account [again if you know it or you can find me lol]. I am a reasonable person when it comes to art, but I can be kind of picky with things -v - I have my general prices set already and wont accept low offers. I have a limited set of options for Gaia Gold and no amount of GG will get you a fullbody fully colored or even remotely painted out lol unless your paying 5T+ don't bother asking. If you found me in the freebie's thread [in one of my own threads] please do not send me a pm asking for free art *^* if I didn't draw you in my thread I really don't want to.