"The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong." - Gandhi

~Something about Me~
Name: Max
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: Blasian (Half Black, and Half Korean)
Height: about 5'9''ish
Location: California
Favorite food: Mexican Food, Asian Food, Soul Food, Pizza, pasta, etc. etc.
Favorite Type of music: I love all music that sounds good, and has a good beat.
Likes: My Baby, friends, family, food, my ipod, video games, and music
Dislikes: Hos, Shallow people, Fakes, Racist people, People who cheat in relationships, people who think they are too hard to open up, Ignorant people, People who write like "Th13 ALL Th3 T1m3" (they have too much time on their hands to be doing all that, they should just type normal, its faster and looks better.), people who like to start arguements, back stabbers, bugs, and school. x6
An Anime Character that relates to me the most: Miroku from Inuyasha. ^.-
Taken by: My baby Maria. ^_^ *whispers* I love you...
Me in real life:-=UPDATED=- I'm in the army and I am leaving for Deployment this month. I love my Country, and I love my career, it's a career and oath that's not for everyone, but it's sure for me. I am California born and raised. I'm a extremely nice guy, joke around a lot..a lot, calm and in a good mood almost all the time. Plus I love listening to my iPod, trust me, I always have it with me. Despite me being a joker and a clown sometimes, when push comes to shove I am an upright person who loves to speak his mind and be his self. I'm not ashamed of being sensative at times, not afraid to hang out with different groups of people in school (unlike other folks I see at school that hang with just one group of people), I'm real and just a well rounded dude all together. ^_^

Top Friends:
Dilia/Maria - She's sweet, caring, and just a nice person to talk to, shes kind, she's truthful, and shes so cute, I can tell her everything, I care about her deeply and I will always look out for her, and I know she will do the same for me, Maria I'm glad I met you, you make me so happy. Everytime we talk on the phone or on gaia it brightens up my whole day. ^_^ Thank you Maria. When I talk to her she isn't full of drama and problems like other people I talk to, when we talk we are just too close friends that enjoy each other's company and companionship. I'm glad I met you Maria. Your one of a kind. And you will always be one of the closest people to my heart. I love you baby, if I could go through all the bull s**t I had to put up with and go through from my past ex's and other stupid s**t in my life I would do it all again as long as in the end you will be there with open arms for me. Because in the end it was all worth it. I am happy as hell to have you in my life, I know there was some events we had to endure, trying to break up our love, and to make us lose hope, but nothing will stop us from showing how we feel towards each other. I couldn't ask for better friend and lover. Thank you Maria. c:< HEY!

iZebracake/Erika - My crazy a** immature cute little gaia cousin. Always wanting to beat me up...all the time and getting me in trouble with Auntie and Uncle. Shes stupid!...but awesome ^_^. She never gets mad and she along with Maria are really loud on the phone, which I love for some reason lol x_x *hugs her tight* Love you little cousin! You damn cool happy meal kid. *gives you an ice cream cone* EAT UP MUTHA F#$%! smilies/icon_scream.gif

Chickateechick74/Christina - Shes the sister I never had, shes awesome, me and her been through a lot, we overcame drama, been there for each other, she got the same taste in music that I do and everything, shes the type of person that will understand what you do no matter what it is and back you up on it. And above all of that if it wasn't for her I wouldn't of met Striker, Ninja, Shippo, or any of them. You rock sis, and much love for you and your boo.

Cold Gunz/DJ: We are opposites, his hyper, I'm not, I think before I do things, his courageous a** does it without thought, etc. But damn we are some buds on gaia and in real life. We are a couple of funny dudes, two niggas who are boys for life.

Shining Pryde/Darnell - My brother from another mother, we are always playin around, saying the funniest/stupidest s**t ever, I love this dude. (No homo lol)

SSJShanic/Kendall - Yo man, his a friend from way back his a huge sonic fan, he never gives up trying to do things he wants to do (like find the special someone in his life) and his just plainly awesome as hell.

Little Polar Bear and Little Pandy Bear/Kennie and Charlie - The cutest couple in gaia history, a lot of people say internet relationships don't work out most of the time, well it sure as hell not the case for these two, they are like two halves of a puzzle. You'll never see them not together. I hope them the best of luck until the end of time. It warms my heart to see them together.

My Rp Character: Stryfer (Half Cat Demon, Half Human)

(Me and my baby Dilia) Drawn by Dilia herself.


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wat up max
Kurobane Inuka

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Kurobane Inuka

Hi HI. biggrin

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mmm tacos - how did it go? were the tacos everything you made them out to be?

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UGH i'm not on ya topp friendd list.!! i'ma get you

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Lolzx she'll kill me if dhat happenzx...nd so will Shanic XD

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Lolzx yewr so Cuuuute X3~ annnnnnnnd Caaaaalm down Stryfieeeeeeee yewr uhp there now.!! *two thumbs uhp* It's all GOODIE
Kara Hikarai

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Kara Hikarai

;p *smiles*
Kara Hikarai

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Kara Hikarai

I missed you toooo :3

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Awwww look at yew.!!