Not collecting anymore. Lost interest, and gave it all away.

Random Quote That Resonate With Me:

" Someone with social anxiety disorder will never get tired of hearing you say:
"I'm here for/with you"
"I like you"
"I love you"
"I value you as a person"
"Your opinions matter to me"
"I'll go with you if it's too scary"
"No matter what your anxiety tells you, I'm not going anywhere"
"Your feelings are valid"
Especially when they're anxious. Especially when they're anxious. Especially when they're anxious. Even if you've already said it, say it again. And again. Please. Because it may seem silly to someone without S.A.D., but it's actually really reassuring to be reminded of having support, even if we're reminded just last week, or last month, or yesterday. It's important. Really important. Because the anxiety will often lead us to feel alone, unloved, like the person may go away if we share our feelings, even when we know it's not true. It's a million times easier to be convinced by someone else, than by our own anxious brains sometimes." - Unknown

"One of the hardest decisions you can make in life is deciding whether to walk or, or to try harder." - Ziad K. Abdelnour