Name: Shadow (A commonality, I know)
Age: Ask
Status: Happily taken to a wonderful woman
Favorite Food: Pizza, I guess
Favorite Drink: Arizona Tea
Favorite Movie: Currently, "Jet Li's Fearless"
Favorite Music: Primarily metal, but very receptive to other genres
Hobbies: YouTuber, Guitarist/Pianist, Traditional Artist (Pencil drawings),
Proficiency: Philosophy, Astro-physics/temporal meta-physics, zoology, climatology, chemistry, and much more... I am a borderline nerd.
Religion: None. What classifies me 'best', would be to call me an "existential humanitarian", however that alone is not truncated to a mere common word...
Political View: Centrist. I see peace and destruction of both core parties.
Resonance: Nietzsche: People are animals that subject themselves to slavery; slavery of the mind, body, and/or soul. Everything is a system that controls your freedom. Do something about it, to be truly free. Religion, science, politics, all of it dominates your life without a second thought. When you let this happen, you are nothing more than a subservient animal bowing to a greater power. Take control of the life you are given. Be a human, but do not forget to embrace your inner working; of which what makes you, YOU. Hold emotions dear, but do not let them dominate and cloud your judgement. Ever.