Kitty Kat

The Cat Is Back

I've been away a long time, and feel as though no one knows me anymore. So without further ado, here's my new file.

My name is Sequoia Brice. I am sixteen years old and live in the beloved (yeah right) state of California. Where the drugs come cheap and the girls are pretty. That's beside the point. I'm a country, smooth-talking, flirtatious, flamboyant teenager who knows what she wants. My birthday is the day after Independence Day, and I must say I'm rather independent. I've got "lily-white" skin and burn too easy, but hey that's me. I don't give a damn bout my weight, and eat whatever the hell I want, got something to say to me? Spill, but just know if I don't like it, it could be at your own risk.

Here's a list of some of my favorite things...

1 ) Staying up late and watching anime, because it soothes me.
2 ) Texting my friends because some how or other they understand me.
3 ) Laughing at the bad times because there's only one way to make them better.
4 ) Seeing my younger siblings because I've raised them and I'm proud.
5 ) Being close to the ones I love because what could be better?
6 ) Role playing, because no matter how life hits me, I can get away for those few seconds I need.
7 ) Animals, because they are truly a best friend. You can tell them anything with confidence.
8 ) Being immature, because we cannot be kids forever.
9 ) Being grown-up, because life never gets easier.
10 ) Being a girl, because we're so dramatic and fun.
11 ) Being afraid, because it means someone is out there to slay my fears.
12 ) Falling in love, because you're never alone.

With every good thing comes a bad...

1 ) Sleeping in, because I miss saying goodbye to my Nana and Papa.
2 ) Too many text messages, because sometimes I need a break.
3 ) Laughing, because honestly I hate my laugh.
4 ) Seeing my siblings, because it makes me miss them when they're gone.
5 ) Being close to my loved ones, because I might lose them.
6 ) Animals, because sometimes they're very scary.
7 ) Being immature, because you're treated like a child.
8 ) Being grown-up, because expectations are too high.
9 ) Being a girl, because no matter how hard you try, you're still moody and hormonal.
10 ) Being afraid, because being afraid is the worst feeling ever.
11 ) Falling in love, because you're bound to be hurt.
12 ) Milk, because let's face it, lactose-intolerant people have no luck.

.... @>---'--- ....

I have blonde hair, and pale blue eyes that occasionally change color based on the weather and what I am wearing. I don't like being told what to do, but I like to give orders. I am rambunctious and care-free, generally I hide my inner sadness behind a porcelain smile. I have many fears, dreams, hopes, and I go about them with as much pride as possible. I do enjoy being near people, though I'm afraid of them, I'm also afraid of crowded spaces, thunder, fire, and lots of other things.

When I was younger I had to grow up fast, I began smoking, and of course later started drinking. I'm shy when I don't know people, and I'm complicated to understand. But try your hardest and so will I. I'm not used to having many people I trust, because I'm so skittish, but... I have several close friends.

I will put more later.

My Autograph? Sure!

Who do you think you are?
Going round leaving scars...
Collecting your jar of hearts,
And tearing love apart.
You're gonna catch a cold...
From the ice inside your soul.