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Hello everyone, you can call me Scattered or Memo. My real name is Ezekiel, but everyone calls me Zeke or Kiel [Key-el](when they feel like being different). I'm 17 years old, a Christian, my sexuality is straight(and I'm not looking, I have the best girlfriend I could ask for) and I am from Maine. I enjoy the cold weather of the north, and lobster is one of my favorite foods; however I do like to travel south for warmer weather sometimes.

Currently I am in high school, however in college I will be aiming for a major in macro-economics. When I'm not studying I like being on gaia, playing zomg, or any other MMO's such as Iruna Online, Eternal Saga, and Crystal Saga; however I do not play Eternal Saga or Crystal Saga anymore.

I've been a member of gaia since before the great inflation when smeb/smob were still a thing, so I do have my enemies. There are people on gaia that I do not talk to. If someone has a problem with that, then I recommend not being around me; however I tend to be kind towards most people. Be kind to me and you will receive kindness back.

I'd be thankful if you didn't curse, drink, or make sexual remarks around me. If you do, I will reprimend you, and either leave, or tell you not to do it again, this goes the same to deadman's shadow crews.

My favorite color is silver, I like video games and writing, but I hate drawing because I can't draw. I enjoy kingdom hearts, My Little Pony, Hetalia, Runefactory, Code Lyoko, and RAW. I do not like cheesecake, Final Fantasy, PewdiePie, Markiplier, Fred, or Tobuscus.

I like to watch Adventure Time, Regular Show, The Amazing world of Gumball, Too Cute, Hardcore Pawn, Tanked, The Golden Girls, and Avatar the Last Airbender.

I like to listen to Voltaire, RED, Owl City, and RUSH.

I do not have a facebook and I do not have a skype.

My Birthday is December 5th

If you have any other questions, just ask.

Forever alone T~T

To my darling sweetheart, I will love you forever and all eternity, because we both are eternal.