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-I got school n stuff to attend lolz

Hey everyone! It's been awhile
Well i'm just a girl with glasses.
I like stuff. Lots of stuff.
And maybe some of that stuff
is YOOOUUUU. lolol ;D

Anywaaaaays hello thanks for stopping by!
Lets see, i've been on gaia since 2010
and i've met pretty amazing and unique people out here.
Maybe one of them is you idk?? Talk to me please lol

My short storryy pretty much is first
I learned a lot from this website like A LOT...
Gaia brought me to the point where i can get out of my shell and express myself. I wanted to learn how to approach and communicate to people and be my weird n crazy self since i had trouble irl. Sooo thanks everyone who helped me go through a troublesome stage, you know who you are :3

But yeaaahh short facts:
-I adore pandas, ice cream, and sweet stuff
-I enjoy playing the ukulele, drawing, singing,and receiving/getting advice, and just get to know people
-I'm a very bubbly person
-etc. lol idk really ask me anything or suggest stuff?

I'll add more
when i get the chance
Still need to edit my profile ;-;

Feel free to Pm or comment me~

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KozuHiroxD Report | 04/24/2015 5:30 pm
awwh thanks for wishing me a happy bday smile it was really fun sorry all of yesterday i was really busy and didnt have time to check on gaia! haha hopefully we can facetime soon? xD
anyways i miss you and hope you're doing great biggrin also i feel SUPER old now omfg
KozuHiroxD Report | 04/20/2015 5:31 pm
it is and there like no one who would skype with me >.> haha miss skyping or facetiming with people aahaha
but anyways how you been?
KozuHiroxD Report | 04/18/2015 9:01 am
rofl yee i know ading. x'D
i just been hella busy with school plus with work and key club hahah
KozuHiroxD Report | 04/16/2015 7:21 pm
ikr haha *hug* well sorry i havent been able to text you back. my sim card got all messed up and i had to order a new one </3..
also hah yee. and i heard it was a amazing movie but i didnt have time to watch it xD
KozuHiroxD Report | 04/15/2015 8:36 pm
*laugh* even if i turn back into a dog like old time?
haha im kidding <3 biggrin its cool ading haha ik im pretty fast been like that since zOMG LOLOL
anyways how was fast 7?
KozuHiroxD Report | 04/14/2015 8:27 pm
nahh.. i was wonder *got on one knee* if you will be mine? haha
KozuHiroxD Report | 04/10/2015 7:20 pm
haha found yourself a gaia hubby yet lolol
KozuHiroxD Report | 04/08/2015 3:36 pm
thank xD! an sorry for the late reply
KozuHiroxD Report | 04/01/2015 9:35 pm
nice avi, and thanks ading haha smile love how this poem is base on my actual experience hahaa
KozuHiroxD Report | 03/01/2015 7:34 pm
ok, done smile there you go o:! haha x)
mahal kita ading, biggrin hopefully you got the time to read the poem on my bio

XxRiot CookiexX