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Well I'm just a girl with glasses pretty much.
Arlene | 18 | Cali | 4/25 |

Lets see, I've been on Gaia since 2010
and I've met pretty amazing and unique people out here.
Maybe one of them is you who knows??

Tbh I miss zOMG.
That was the main place where I could really interact virtually with friends. And the reason why I'm not on as often, but if I ever do I'm prob in the forums or chilling in towns.

I like to watch anime and play video games
and spend time messing around with friends.

Umm idk really ask me anything??

Feel free to Pm or Comment ~


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KozuHiroxD Report | 06/23/2016 12:12 am
So congrats on graduating highschool ading
i hope you will have an amazing time at college and try and enjoy your summer to the fullest
sorry i honestly kinda forgot what day you were graduating but since i know a lot of people already graduated
im going to assume your was a while ago
haha so yeah congrats ading for finishing highschool !
KozuHiroxD Report | 07/29/2015 1:17 am
remember to text me you newb >.>
lolol haha i just came back from my trip and i completely forgot what we were talking about biggrin Hahah
KozuHiroxD Report | 07/02/2015 10:52 pm
memories such as is when we stop talking and u were playing league with the other dude who you told me you like and ended up ditching my ugly a** in the dirt? LOLOL
beside that i hope you know a shawty in hood term me a duel barrel saw off shotgun... hahahahha beside that YASSS NO ONE CAN MILK THESE TITS YOO HAHAHAHAHAH
KozuHiroxD Report | 07/02/2015 5:04 pm
its ok you going to have to meet me and my shawty.
and lol last time we played was last year HAHAHA
also uhh as of now i been playing a lot of alistar o.o.. hahah because no one can milk these tits.
my internet is trash yet i still play #noexcuseadinglol
KozuHiroxD Report | 07/02/2015 1:47 pm
well of course who was the first person who i really played with on league? it was you LOL HAHAHAHA
and do you mean roles? because i been playing a whole bunch of Mid,Jng,Sup,ADC lol and a bit of top.
beside that i play a lot of different champs sooo idk LOL
and ayy you can always keep that boy in your mind.all good no worries less thing icould do was let him chill in a coffin *Evil laugh*
i'll bring out my inner yakuza,axe gang LOLOL hahahahha anyways i know still gotta give you the big bro talk.
KozuHiroxD Report | 07/02/2015 12:28 pm
i cry they give me MORD WTF YO HE SUCK OMFG scream scream scream scream scream scream scream scream scream
awwwh kawaii desu.
keep it pg forreal i aint trying to find out my ading getting herself pregnant before she even graduated HS.
hahaha anyways im happy for my little ading biggrin if he fck with your feelings going to me the front of my car in a dark road *evil laugh* lolol jk. maybe LOL scream rofl
KozuHiroxD Report | 07/02/2015 12:04 pm
rofl haha yoo still feel special like one of them girls feeling like them princess LOLOL
but haha its all good they just gifted us a free mystery champ i got MORD FML WHY RITO
i cry.. </3 hahah well whenever you wanna play let play biggrin keep it pg ading LOL
RaidenUrPantiDrwr Report | 06/29/2015 9:14 pm
you can always jump in my bed if u want too.
we dont mind sharing <3
(my phase for typing to leave a comment: who is it? this is so clever.....)
KozuHiroxD Report | 06/29/2015 10:32 am
lol awwh stawp your making me feel to special now LOLOLOL
*hug* well i promise i'll help you as much as i could possibly help you silly goose
sorry i was playing league hahahaha xD my bad for the late reply
KozuHiroxD Report | 06/29/2015 2:08 am
LOLOL ooo haha i got you xD
and yup!! <3
it was tough for the first day then got use to it.. hahaha
xD beside that woohoo im special to someone biggrin <3 thanks Arlene means a lot biggrin
XxRiot CookiexX