~Welcome To My Domain~

[color=black][size=10]welcome my boils and ghouls

I am just your regular punk rock corpse, I'm a very easy going individual to get acquainted with. So please don't be afraid to disturb my psycho-self.

My hobbies include; video games, skating, drawing, writing, music, hanging with the bae, and being and idiot.

I also spend most of my life on thy Tumbleh. follow me if you'd like ^///^

If you are a enjoyable human to acquaint then I shall keep you as one of my ghouls. If your someone that I wont possibly get along with, then you might as well be dog food for my pets.

However don't let me intimidate you, I don't bite hard, I promise c;

Now then I must go see if my strip club is going well and my main hoe's aren't snuggling goats occasionally. Fair wins~