Yes my names pandi got a problem with that take it up with my fist,anyways guess you're wondering exactly why my name is pandi well i guess i could start out with my story neh?
I was born into a very strong clan of panda demons my mother being the heir to the throne my father a lowly villager,i was shunned from my parents not because they wanted it but because my mums father said if he ever caught me in the clan he'd kill me an my da.So my mom took me away from there she left me with a couple of humans...at first the treated me like their daughter until i was three,then they took me too an orphanage simply because they found i was not human having panda bear ears and tail they found me disgusting and appaling.So i ended up in the orphanage abandoned again for the second time in my life...i lived in the orphanage until i was seven they said they didn't want corruption amongst their kids so they threw me out onto the streets where i was adopted into a gang unusure of myself i had to learn to be tough and rowdie.The leader which was female promised me as longas she lived nothing would happen to me...unfortunately she died in a drive by shooting,with her gone the others shunned me,due to my heritage yet again i was a repulsive creature...it seemed that i was damned to hell living by myself i wandered the streets got into fights and once nearly got killed.....A couple months after my fourteenth birthday i was thrown into a cage locked away it seemed like the animal i was.I'd grown calloused and hard hearted my heart incased in ice i started fights and sneered at the small petty slaves that could not help themselves.I hated being alive in this point in time..i wanted to kill those who'd hurt me who'd wronged me.....i passed through many masters hands...being beat on a daily basis for my non compliance i was as they said a lost cause not fit to be walking this world i'd believed them and this only soured my attitude...my resolve strengthening on my beliefs that this world was full of s**t...it was from my last master i learned the true cruelties of life,thrown around like a ragdoll i was beaten then taken advantage of as i lay there bleeding from the various wounds.
When i awoke next it was on cold concrete floors looking around i was chained in the cage.Unable to move for exhaustion had my body in it's tight grip.I was there for three weeks until my master aiden came along,he saved me from the hells of being stuck there andit was with him that new spirialing events happened to me..i was for one ~shivers~ forced into a fricken dress! then taken to a ball where i met...my now husband Kirei though at first we hit it off rough and hard eventually he has calmed my fears of all these years,and i'm proud to say i am going to be a mam of twins..

About the reall Pandi
I'm a 19 year old female,i love to roleplay my name...Well it's Oceanna,i'm not very well known.Have been hurt many times but still keep going,i have had three different acounts on gaia,an i love all of my friends no matter what happens between us,i don't know exactly as of right now where my life is going to lead me,but maybe...For once i will find that one person that will hold me like they mean it.If you want to get to know me a bit better let me know.
I'm not in a relationship right now. But like all great things a relationship takes time, lol. Well I'm off Seeyo

So i finished my Angelic Lace Quest Thanks to a friend who just donated it to me O.O
smilies/icon_heart.gif Bloodstar09

Also Like to thanK Chesire Lee Kat for giving my 10,835 gold for the quest which will be put into my next quest item

Shath1019~ 5,600<3.

-NoMistakes44- (60,750)
(On my Tamas basket quest TY SO MUCH!!))
So I am now questing this avie so if you ever wanna donate to me feel free =)

Total Value: 4,644,992 Gold, 13,000 Tickets
After Exclusions: 4,338,720 Gold, 13,000 Tickets
[Item Information]

Item List:
Those Black 90s Gloves
Panda Plushie
Dashing Gentleman Silver And Black Cane
Steel-plated Ninja Band
Long Drag
Zorro Mask
Colonial Stockings
Tsunami KO Classic Pants
Demonic Anklets
Panda Slippers
Midnight Gothic Bat Corset Dress
Kottan Bell 5th Gen

^This is pandi relkin my panda bear girl


Embry and zuni when embry attacks!

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Which Naruto character are you?

My Results:

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Gaara of the desert Gaara,the demon who loves only himself, eh? AWESOME!! You have an intent to kill and you aren`t used to showing how you feel. You like to know that you`ll always win. GAARA ROCKS!!!

Which Ouran High School Host Club member are you?

My Results:

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Kaoru &/or Hikaru You are out-right mischievous. You LOVE a good prank, and generally am the one playing said trick. You are very close with a select few people, but are really loyal to them. You're way fun to be around. You're also very blunt about things. You don't like to dance around the issues, and are sometimes referred to as heartless when you're really just speaking your mind.

Which guy from Twilight is for you?

My Results:

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Jasper Hale! He's sweet and sensitive and if he was with Alice she'd see it coming!


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Everyone has a dream

This is just a short little area for me to describe what i feel inside nothing to snazzy or anything, it will also be a place for me to list a couple of my roleplay characters.



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