Howdy hey! I'm xXoloXx.

I go by NanaMae or Nana, because that my IRL nickname as well as my online alias!

I'm an unfortunately strange girl who's in love with Yaoi and Yuri. Het is great too. JUST BASICALLY, ROMANCE.

I ship too many couples to have a favorite.

List of Anime/Manga/Shows I LOVE-
Free(Nagisa the bae)
Angel Beats(Ending PISSED ME OFF, though...)
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles(More so the manga than the anime)
Vassalord(Does anyone else here know what it is?!)
Lovely Complex (Sweetest and most ridiculous couple. Gawd, they melt my heart.)
Okane Ga Nai (Really dirty yaoi, but I LOVE SIZE DIFFERENCE! Ayase is a wuss, but gawd is he an adorable one. Pisses me off how I can't stay mad at him...)
Junjou Romantica (Egoist is my fave! Who's yours? <3)
Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi (Working on choosing my fave, lol...)
Will Add More As I Remember

I do RP yaoi and am currently searching. heart I would very much love if you PM'd me if you're interested! I don't RP fan-based, though. Only original characters.

Ummm... Oh, basics! I'm 19, female, middle child of six and have a fat Beagle who can howl loud enough to shatter glass.

Buuuut I love him. <3

Pm me to talk about any interests we share! RPs, Beagles, dogs and cats in general, anime, video games, yaoi, whatever! Looking forward to making new friends!



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karin maaka66

Report | 10/21/2011 9:25 am

karin maaka66

Thank you very mush for purchasing the Serafuku shirt, or whatever it was called. XD
I love you profile! So cute. whee
Cherry Ace

Report | 09/27/2011 9:18 pm

Cherry Ace

Me too! I always do at least 2k less than the lowest buy price.

I don't wanna be waitin' for mah goldz. :V
Cherry Ace

Report | 09/27/2011 9:11 pm

Cherry Ace

Thanks for listing something I wanted at a lower price than everyone else. :3

Oh hey, I have that on my wishlist already. Thanks for the info.
Cherry Ace

Report | 09/27/2011 8:39 pm

Cherry Ace

I just want to know:
What's that coat your wearing?

Report | 07/21/2011 5:10 pm


cool avi
I Himura

Report | 06/29/2011 2:24 am

I Himura

Have you listened to SHINee yet?...
I leave for Korea in... 3 days. x3...
How are you doing? xD Sorry I didn't comment back.. I kinda forgot to... 3nodding
I Himura

Report | 06/13/2011 7:31 pm

I Himura

Hahah~ YES
Okay, so I am Korean inside. Not really.. I'm dominican, but like... I feel that I am somewhat Korean.
I actually started my passion for KPop by watching K-Dramas. <3... And yeah! Bo-Peep is one of my favorite songs to dance to. Hahaha.. such a cute dance~~ >. <~~
Hmm Have you ever seen SHINee?.. People don't like them because they are too skinny, but I LOVE them. :3... So yeah.

Black belt~~ It's nothing. ^ ^... I've been doing it all my life. Hahah~ And I don't know how to cook.
As for the piano, I suck. D;... I haven't been able to play a complete song ever since I quit going to my piano classes, and I can not play by ear very well.. I sort of envy those with the ability to play by ear. >;
I Himura

Report | 06/13/2011 7:15 pm

I Himura

Hahaha~ I still like you. surprised
You're a very interesting gul. :3 So I won't hold anything against you!...
YAOI IS INDEED AMAZING< Hun. :3.. So don't worry about it. Hahaha~
I Himura

Report | 06/13/2011 7:06 pm

I Himura

I was tricked. :OOOOOOOOOOOO
Job well done. :3
Prince Kek

Report | 01/29/2011 6:07 pm

Prince Kek

First Comment! Yeah!! xd


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