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xXN i k k i Emo2398Xx

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Birthday: 04/03


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ii Nikkeh ii Report | 12/28/2009 12:41 am
ii Nikkeh ii
Um, Knock Knock! If you're wondering WHERE SHE IS AT. II-Saori_Chan-II, Hope you PM me! Thank you! =)
iiClytemnestra Report | 08/19/2009 1:25 pm
copy/paste this to 10 ppl and then press f5 and f9 at the same time you will get 100,000 gold it really ocks trust
ii Nikkeh ii Report | 07/26/2009 5:13 am
ii Nikkeh ii
Um duh! This is me xXN i k k i Emo2398Xx I feel your pain my friends,But I am sorry.Because this account is already a boy and i am not a boy i am an Girl.Girl fo shoo.,So please if you care about me ADd this account and delete this account im sorry.I commented on this profile because i miss my old friends ^^.If you don't care about me anymore then.Think if your gonna add me or not im literary sorry for you're friend xXN i k k i Emo2398Xx .But this is NOT my property anymore but this Nikkievonne02 account is now my PROPERTY.If you care about me and im caring you too.Because i have friends And I miss them so please read this long message for you and my friends.I am sorry for my biggest mistake.I am now playing see if you'll add me.Im online at Summer Days [or with school days] Sorry ^^~>
Love Or Hate,
NikkiEvonne02 - xXN i k k i Emo2398Xx

P.S I miss my old friends P|EASE ADD THIS crying crying crying
angellismile Report | 07/24/2009 9:15 pm
hi trade me a gold because i am poor or gift me a dress any dress i want dress
IIFuNGuSII Report | 06/07/2009 12:54 pm
ARE y0UH A GiRL 0R GUy??
babycandysmile Report | 06/05/2009 6:32 pm
hey try this out!send this comment to ten profiles then press f5 to get 10,000
Clorrace Report | 06/03/2009 12:17 am
Your profile doesn't make since. You're all nakey as a guy, get your equip list is all girl clothing. User Image
babycandysmile Report | 06/01/2009 5:54 pm
u can get background at
xoxo cAnDy☻☺
X x X MiCkOjOnAs X x X Report | 06/01/2009 5:34 am
X x X MiCkOjOnAs X x X
Regalo q??...binigyan nah kita ahh!
xXN i k k i Emo2398Xx Report | 06/01/2009 2:02 am
xXN i k k i Emo2398Xx
My laptop is killing me.. -.-


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I hurt myself, so I can feel alive

If you love me so much, why are you walking away?