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I'm a gothic atheist, I beleive ghost are just as real as anyone else I talk to smilies/icon_eek.gif , mess with my friends and you better watch out, boy or girl smilies/icon_stare.gif . I'm easy to get along with because for the most part I'm laid back smilies/icon_cool.gif . I'm a lot deeper than most people see me as, but that's ok. I'm currently working on a book. I like to : paint *altough I can't do so without painting myself as well smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif *, draw, daydream, sing, listen to music *rock, techino, metal, soft rock, and crazy song like the baka song:XD *, compter, children, photography, skulls *not real drawn, if you come at me with an animal skull I will slap you side ways!!!*, animals, cooking, anime smilies/icon_blaugh.gif , cartoons, sleeping in class smilies/icon_whee.gif *so boring!!!smilies/burning_eyes.gif*, hanging out with friends, writting poetry *see above the skull at the bottom* writing, cute things smilies/icon_4laugh.gif , make people smile when they're sad smilies/icon_xp.gif , act stupid, and curling up in a soft chair with a book. I don't care what religon, race, or background a person has, I judge people by how they act in front of me, if I've heard a romar that may change my judement I ask them up front if it's true or not. If you want to know something ask me.... nothing stupid, smilies/icon_stare.gif *that means u person thinking of a stupid question*

Some guys are just stupidly blind! I could slap a label on my forehead reading "I LIKE YOU!!" and all they would do was point and ask "What's that?" I mean dude!
I always feel like crying, but what's the point if it won't take the pain from my soul smilies/icon_stare.gif smilies/icon_sad.gif


Life and Death, Sun and Moon, Good and Evil, Polytheism and Monotheism, Love and Hate all coexcist for without the other they would fall. It is a pit of futile idiocy to beleive one is more powerful than the other for they are equal.

Tears solve nothing, but sometimes, it's all a person needs after a long day of sorrow.

Endless sorrow, life with no air, enters my world where nothing is fair.

Life is a black hole with no end only death, the soul is a toy that once broken can never be fixed.

Life, is it really there or are we just the dream of some fool, the hand-written play of the director, the puppet of the master.

Shallow, mean, evil, cruel, in my sight popularity is a horrible bite bringing chaos to the crowd.

Power is the venues of hatred separating truth from friend, and breaking apart the souls around it.

Raven, raven pretty and fair, let me show you why I stare. Your midnight feathers and sunset red eyes, with astonishing gaze you spot me here and soar away leaving only a feather for me to ponder upon.

Fangs of blood dripping wet, no one knows what has happened yet, helpless people passing by their fate is sealed from the moment they die.

Gloomy days make me sigh until night comes, and I start to cry.

Pitter patter of little feet, a baby, no he’s not at all sweet, but he brings a death you just can't beat.

Running wild throw the night, the imps are coming there almost in sight. Bringing darkness to the town the imps are coming they'll bring you down.

Nightmares riding hidden in the shadows searching in the minds of children, innocent and weak eating at their souls, killing them eternally.

Cold and hard, hanging on a thread, my heart is cold while yours bleeds red.

A parlous life, a seeping hole in my heart where life once stood, where warmth once inhabited, when love and happiness were a part of my life.

Shattered pieces of a heart that has become too heavy to continue this meaningless existence

Shallow promises no real family, constant reticule and rejection by all but my friends who truly care, but even friends who truly care are not enough to fill the black hole of a heart that has eaten away at my soul.

Chitter-chatter among themselves the whisper people are coming they’ll put you threw hell. Scream for your life, it only makes them hunger for those that are younger.

Screaming in a darkened pit when mid-night comes the last ingredient will arrive the heart of a love bond warrior riding on his black stead, with her bloody ribbon wrapped around the handle of his stainless sword. In every war there is an end but there also has to be a beginning, it takes two people to start a battle but it may take hundreds to end one.

Leaves are changing fall is here. Time for the cold winds to take away the bright colors leaving the flames of orange, brown, red, & green to surround the earth.

Seeing with one eye is not always as blinding as seeing with both.

A blind man fears no darkness for he feels no light.

Tears fall from earth’s heaven; many see this and become sad. I see the gentle splashes as a gate way to new life, for with each splash a new rose awakens.

A pretty girl can kiss a guy, a bird can kiss a butterfly, the rising sun can kiss the grass but you my friend, yes you, can kiss my a**

Why is it that people who think they are all are the ones missing a part of themselves?? Humanity................ (sigh)

Tears fall from earths heaven, many see this and become sad. I see the gentle splashes as a gate way to new life, for with each drop a new rose awakens.

Life is a sadly stated hole over glorifyed by the promise of 'gods' that will
rescues one's soul once they die.

What is death but new life, when one dies do we not only live on as ghost, we give names to objects, and i can not write these words down without using those names, but is death really what we describe it to be? A putride life in hell, an eternity of happiness in heaven, or maby praying in a temple of clouds. I have no clue but i beleive, as the atheist peron i am, that we simply continue to rome the earth in a blind hope, still people, just unknow to those around us who are truley blind to our presence. ~ Thorn of Miku's Rose......


XxMidnights Dark AngelxX

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I adopted a Chibi!~
Adopt One!~


Pandas are adoribal!!!!



Maki (except her hair is normaly orange)


Love is the slowest form of suiside, but Life is the most painful...

A reason people want love is so
they can be destracted from the
cruelty of lonliness for just
a little longer....

Love is a creul
game of the heart

I lik roses and daffodils

clueless little me


that's so precious!

Nibble on ear=start warming up

Rules of Love

Kiss on the lips=i love you

Kiss on the ear=you are special

Kiss on the nose=laughter

Kiss on cheek=friendship

Kiss on the forehead=i comfort you

Kiss on the neck=i want you

Kiss on the shoulder=you are wonderful

Kiss anywhere else=be careful

Play around with hair=can’t live without you

Holding hands=happiness

Arms around waist=you are minei need you

A hug=i care

Smiling at each other=i like you

Lifting up eyebrowswink=flirtation

Looking around=hiding true feelings

Tender kiss on the side of your lips=you’re mine

Wetting your lips=waiting for a kiss

Teardrop=i’m losing you

Crying=i lost you

my pet
so cute!!

my favorite guy in da worldzz x3