My Likes:
-taking pics
-hanging with family nd friends
-tellin fake bitchez off =)
-going to the beach
-eating food
-enjoying life
-meeting new ppl
-staying up passed 1 a.m.
-alot more s**t smilies/icon_razz.gif

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| Izzy | 14 | 4-25-96 | single |
Heyloo there! I'm izzy, i Live in New York, I'm Crazyy, Funny, Sweet, Caring,
And a good friend. I'm weird and i Love it =)
i really dont care what people say about me cuz i know the truth.
My friends are my life and if u
mess with them u mess with me which isnt a good idea cuz i'll kick ur a** ^.^
if u respect me i'll respect u.
i love meeting new ppl so hmu sometime?
i have FB and aim so ask for thoes if u want it...
im singlee and heartbrokennnn </3
only time will heal the pain But my Love for you remains...


my dislikes:
-miley cyrus -_-
-the color pink (its ok)
-going to bed early (which i never do lmao)
-fake bitches
-when my phone dies lmaoo
-no internet connection 0_o
-brooke -_-
-some other crap i cant remember atm...

so thats basically all about me like me or not i dont care
so dont be afraid to click the add friend button! laterrrr >.< =) :heart

hey pplz leave comments nd tell meh wat u think of my pro!!