.Omnomnomnomnom babies.

Hi. I'm Scotty. :3
((I'm not on Gaia anymore anyways so I don't know why that matters. O.o))
Goodbye all. C:


1)a sucker is truly born every secent.
2)people will believe anything if they want to,even if it's a scam,like pshycic readings.
3)how to swallow a quarter,make it go through your arm,then be able to cut that quarter out through your flesh.
4)how to transfer true energy between two or more people.
5)there is no key to succes.there is no substitute for hard work.you need only three things:a dream,a passion,and belife in yourself.
6)it dosn't matter what ayone else(even my mom!lol!)says,if i choose to believe it,that's my choice.