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[Currently under construction]
I'll.. finish it eventually. Just updating a few things.
A 'letters' section will be added also.


-Long distance
-Overprotective parents

Dear Best Friend,
4th grade- present day and forever
I don't know what I would do without you. You're like, my personal theropist (Yes, I know the spelling is wrong). You've helped me through the bad times and the good. You've put up with all of my drama and with all of my difficultness, even though I had to earn your friendship in fourth grade with a thermometer that needed to be filled in with every task that I did for you. Even though you put me through that, I'm glad that thermometer filled to the very top. We better follow through with our road trip plans. And finally, my recent realization has shown me that I don't trust anyone at our school. You're the only one who I feel free and open around.

Dear Ex,
1/14/09- 10/10/09
It didn't last long, but boy did I love you. This is really hard for me to say. I've tried pushing these feelings away, but they won't leave. Now, I don't want them to leave. I love the fact that I love you. I know that it was my fault when everything fell apart. Not yours, mine. Yet I still blamed you, and I'm really sorry for that. Today, I had a conversation with you and all that I could think was that I was so happy. My feelings for you will never change. Four years later, I still love you. But it's time to move on..

Dear Boy,
I don't even know how to start this off. I wish things were different with us. I wish you could just accept the fact that we should just be friends and nothing more. I wish you'd stop with your crap. I wish you'd just answer my questions. I wish you would be more open with me. Word of advice, you don't tell a person that you really like them if you don't know anything about them. Yup, you crushed me and you're saying that I upset you. You want space? What about how I feel? DO YOU THINK I LIKE ANY OF THIS? All of these questions running through my mind. By the way, that "bloody book" that you told me to read, is halfway done. It's been a week since you've asked for your space and I'm getting really mad about the fact that I have to sit around and wait for you to answer my questions.

Dear Mike,
2/11/13- present day
In all honesty, you have been there since the beginning of junior high. Those were fun days. Girls had crushes on boys, and boys were just too awkward to make a move. Lets just say that I'm so glad that I said hi to you in Life Science. That's just so unlike me. Thanks to Inna for being our first conversation topic. ((: I was crushing on you from the shadows that year. The end of sophomore year, you made me fall for you beyond belief. But you left.. and you hurt me. You're back now this year, and I love having you around. This time, things were different. You gained the courage to tell me how you felt all along. Now, you're telling me that you'll stay. You won't leave. It's so hard to believe sometimes, but the way I feel about you is something special. So, don't leave. Don't break my heart. Stay forever.

[To be continued
10/14/12 2:21AM
4/4/13 5:29PM]

by my bestfrand.


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u.u hi

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do wut

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I don't wanna do homework, bra.

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Que? No comprendo.

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er so, we should talk.

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Famous for what exactly? <.<
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Hi best friend
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Thank you so much for buying from me biggrin Merry Christmas heart