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Hey Guys It's Me Macko . I'll Say Some Important Stuff About Me To Give A General Image . I Dance Tecktonik And Belong To A Tecktonik / Electro Team In Greece . I Like Hip Hop , Too . Also , I Fight . Like , Fighting Sports . To Be More Specific , I Learn And Perform Kyokushin Kai Karate . Here , Some More Information .


Code Name ? : Macko . . . *Looks Around*

Last Name:Kokkinidis Soueidan

Age:15 (27/1/1993)

Height:1,78 Meters

Weight:78 Kilos (I'm not Fat At All)

Live in:Greece

Nationality:Hellenic (Greek)

Hobbys And Interests: Tecktonik / Electro Dance , Self Defence , Kickboxing , UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) , Swimming , Running , Football (Soccer) , Volleyball , Basketball , Handball (Mostly) , Weight Lifting . (Yes I Play All Of Those Sports , Exept UFC ... Yet)

Favourite Musik Genre:Tecktonik ,Electro ,Trance ,Hip Hop ,Rap ,Gangsta.

Favourite Football Team (What You Yanks Call Soccer):FCB Bayern Munich

Favourite Food:Tuna Pizza And French Fries . . .

Pets:Arkan , Laki (Both Dogs) And About 10 Cats .

Exact Adress:Koromilia / Kilkis / Greece ( More Exact is Seriously Not Possible )

Postal Code:61100

Languages Fluent in (They Are in An Order As in What I Speak Better):Greek , English (British Accent) , German , Arabic .

Countries I Have Been To:Greece (I Live in Greece), Germany (For 8 Years), Lebanon , Italy ,Bulgaria ,P.G.D.M. (They Call Themselves Macedonia ,Those Bastards) ,Cyprus ,United Arabic Emirates ,Dubai ,Kuwait . (And More That I Cannot Remember)

Yes , I Travell A ********' Lot .

If You Think I Didn't Say Something About Me Tell Me And I Will Fill This ********' List With More Infos Lol .

Now Now , To My Friends . As They Did , I Will Do it To , Another List That Describes Each one Of Them -.- Lol . (Sorry People I Won't Write Much I'm Too Tired To, I Will Just Write The Relationships Lol)

Amy , Kat , Katie , Mia , Nicole , Niki , Rachel , Mae , Bree , Tyshi , Scarlett (Rarely Comes On msn) - My Best Female Friends T-T

Mike , Mack , Shawn , Alec , Eric , Jess , Jeff , Billy , Second Mike , Sunny , Lucas , Aaron , Blaze (Left Forever) - My Best Male Friends =P

Heh , That's All . BOO YALL . [I Will Put Some Videos Of Me Dancing On My Profile , Soon .]
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******** up? i dun know u tell me...


well these are some DAYZ of mah CrAzY life...enjoy readin and everyone who reads em should comment...or i'll kik yo a** damn READER! lol



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happy Birthday !
_Quiet_Newb _4 _Life_

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_Quiet_Newb _4 _Life_

Happy Birthday
occult android

Report | 01/26/2010 4:02 am

occult android

So we will miss him.

Report | 07/26/2009 5:05 am


yo guys macko forgot his pass to this account so

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Free hug!
*runs off laughing evily*

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hey, what's up? Ima wait and see if you can figure out who this is. I don't recall adding you I this profile. Well, good luck. Greek.

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Verse 1 of "This Pain" In my journal TODAY all new song by iJacey


Leave me a comment

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copy and paste this into 10 profiles and press f5 to refresh the page you will see a blue giftbox floating around your screen which has a katana

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You forgot about me...
The Beautiful Gregory

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The Beautiful Gregory

Hronia polla


Rockin' In Dada Hip Hop Stuff .
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