HEIGHT~5 feet 10 inches

That's me in a nutshell...not very interesting is it?

Kingdom Hearts (Who doesn't?)
Final Fantasy (w00t!)
Sensible Yaoi (Not the on crack parings...like Xemnas and Demyx is a no-no)

Sensible Parings (See above but replace that with Xigbar and Namine)
Random Stuff

Not much stuff...

Umm...random stuff time?



If you do not like yaoi, please do not read, and comment on my profile about how stupid it is. Makes life easier for the both of us. =)

Yeah, like I said, I'm a major KH fan. XD

My favorite character is Axel...even though I posted all of those Sora icons, I tricked you, didn't I? =]

Ha! Axel Icon!

Whatever, umm...favorite paring, AkuRoku. In the game...they say so much things...
Sora and Riku...because...I have a good reason for this!

No...that wasn't it.
If...AkuRoku does happen, then Sora must be gay to give Roxas the "gayness". That means that Sora is gay, and just likes Kairi as a really good friend. A really good friend. And he likes Riku as a crush.

Now...the only way that Square Enix could stop this...is that they actually make Sora and Kairi kiss.
But...would they? ><
But that would make Aqua be paired up with Ven...and Roxas and Namine

Zemyx is pretty cool...the only thing that I hate about it, is that Demyx is like paired up with everybody! XD

...um...yeah, yaoi over. XD
Anyway, if you actually came all this way down to this...yay! XD
I like doing this:
OMG, OMG, I'mamajoryaoifan!!!!! Ohmygod,ohmygod, axelandroxasgosowelltogether!!!!!!!!! in a highpicted squelly voice.
I'm weird, I know. XD

But hey, chat with me?
I'm pretty nice...unless you tick me off...yeah.

But no random friend requests, random comments and pms are nice but no friend requests until I actually get to know you.

Comment on my profile, I don't bite...much.
And I'll comment back! =B


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Eat Love Pray

Report | 08/15/2010 5:24 am

Eat Love Pray

I miss you
Eat Love Pray

Report | 06/16/2009 5:28 am

Eat Love Pray

^^ happy early birthday *hugs*

Report | 05/09/2009 5:27 pm


Trendy's Marketplace, now renamed D.A.L.S. (Dream Avi Love Studio) will now be opening soon. But first, we are hiring and re-interviewing all of our employees. Please fill out the following application and send it to daisey_the_butterfly and --with_love_amaranthine--. We won't be hiring many artists this time so the earlier you submit your application, the better. smile Deadline: May 30th, 2009.

Interview Questions:

So how did you hear about us hiring people for our shop?

What kind of art are you interested in doing?

Have you had any past experience?

Why do you think you are the best for this job?

How many years have you been doing this artwork?

How much would you like to be paid for your artwork?

Anything else you would like for us to know?

Thank you, you will be notified on our decision once we view everyone's applications.

Rainkissed Soul

Report | 11/15/2008 9:42 pm

Rainkissed Soul

Hallo dear Heru. X) This is Soul, haha. Finally came back after a long hiatus. How are you doing? Hehe.
Identity -x- Heruko

Report | 10/29/2008 5:53 am

Identity -x- Heruko

This is Heruko. I got banned. I did not receive an email about my time of being banned.

Report | 10/28/2008 5:17 pm


> 3 < Ty ty ty!
Eat Love Pray

Report | 10/28/2008 3:28 pm

Eat Love Pray

=S dunno some one managed to figure the password for some reason then they change the password then when i came in everything lepoof
Eat Love Pray

Report | 10/28/2008 5:14 am

Eat Love Pray

=~= hey heruko...i got hacked...

Report | 10/27/2008 6:39 pm


^ . ^ YW!

Report | 10/26/2008 11:31 am


> 3 < Random comment


I cosplay. Yes in fact, my eyes ARE brown, doesn't mean that I can't cosplay Kairi.
I hate Kairi, I hate Namine's clothing.