Simply Me ♥

Hey (:

My name's Karen, call me Skarlet or JK.Panda...
One thing that is semi-obvious is that I love Art, Anime/Manga, Wolfs, and Roses.
Favorite Colors: Blue & Green are my main favz;; colors of the earth, Black, Red, and White.
Favorite Music: Spanish music, Rock, Screamo, Techno/Trance, J-rock, J-pop, Tribal... I'm a MIX;; listen to anything depending on it's rhythm & variance..
Age: 17
Bday: Feb. 22
Sex: Straight (Sorry girls, still love yuz!) lol
Relationship Status: Taken
Hobby: Drawing (A LOT), Photography
Height: I'm short...
Language/s: Spanish, English, Japanese, French(a little)
Education: A Junior in high school
Personal studies: I'm studying Japanese &&other 9 languages (one at a time. lol) XD In my personal studies :3
Race: Hispanic/Mexican, and part Asian! I ASIANS! XD
Secret: ...I'm a Skarlet Moon Ninja

Sooooo....if you have any other ?'s ask me duudez . No lie. Just ask
OH! AND..IF you ever need guidance or just someone to talk to or having problems. I'm here for you. Go figure
Well cya punkkz!

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Gender: Female

Birthday: 02/22

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