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I have...stuff. o.O;; Anyhoo, I write, I draw, I muse, I plot and plan...I live a life of sin and piracy, apathy and childish amusement. I'm...odd. What more can I say? Probably a lot, but I haven't the want nor care to write on it at the moment...so go amuse yourself by trying to guess at the mind behind the madness, won't you?

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I'm not fond of comments or PMs. This does not mean that I will not respond to them if you are someone I know. If I don't know you and you were not invited to PM me, it is likely that you will be ignored (i.e. receive no response). If you need help or advice on something serious, feel free to PM me. That is one of the few times I will respond to a stranger.

I tend to accept friend requests from those I like and have spoken to before. If I have never spoken to you, or you just found me through search, it is likely that your friend request will be denied. Sorry. It should be mentioned that I do not normally send friend requests (because I am awkward), so I wouldn't expect one coming from my end if we have talked before. smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif

I don't have a picture, so don't ask for one. Ever. Even if I did, I would not give it out.

I'm a 5'4" redhead with pale skin and blue eyes. My hair length varies, depending on the season and my whim to cut it. I have a tribalized set of angel wings in black tattooed on my back between the shoulder blades, that are about 3-4 inches long, 1.5-2 inches wide. My left ear is pierced thrice on the lobe, right ear twice on the lobe. That is all of the description you will ever get out of me, so do not ask for more.

I'm a tactile creature, but I do not like strangers instigating contact.

I'm a bit of a lazy grump sometimes, but generally I'm nice to people. I can be opinionated, but I try to see both sides of an argument and would prefer to agree to disagree than fight about it. Piss me off and I'll go for the jugular, though. I do not trust easily, so if I seem wary or awkward, that is likely why.

I appreciate humor, insanity, and chaos. Please, feel free to wallow in such things around me.

I love sleep. Love it. 10-12 hours is the lower scale of my average. I feel exhausted and am unable to focus if I don't get at least that amount.

I don't meet people. I just don't. So don't ask.

I don't have other chat programs because they screw up my POS computer. So don't bug me about it.

I don't have Facebook, Twitter, Myspace(ha!), Google +, whatever. I probably never will, and if I did, I would not advertise it, so do not ask. I do, however, have a tumblr, but good luck finding it. =p

I do not tolerate idiocy well, so spare me the extreme moments of utter dumbass douchebaggery.

I do not tolerate people who think too highly of themselves and those who are overly pompous. Those who are inflexible and refuse to see the other side of an argument (not agree with it, just refuse to accept that it is a valid thing), I likely will not get along with.

I do not tolerate those who are cruel without reason, who's constant wish is to annoy others, and those who wish true harm on others (without good reason, but even then it's a bit much sometimes).

I do not tolerate beggars and those who refuse to work for their items. I am not charitable. Do not ask me for items or money. Ever.

I do not lend out my items. Ever.

I do not do trades. So do not ask.

Ever wonder how video games appear from the villain's perspective?

Your word against mine...

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FallenDevil Report | 10/28/2016 12:44 pm
i turned off some and kept others on
FallenDevil Report | 10/28/2016 12:41 pm
well if you go into your store and click store log and look at the details you can see who bought it if anyone has yet.

Other then that I just get announcements on my feed when someone does. Like when you quote me instead it'll say
'blah blah has just bought item for stupidmaount of gold'
FallenDevil Report | 10/28/2016 12:36 pm
go check your recent sales you beast!
FallenDevil Report | 10/28/2016 12:34 pm
is this how you thank a customer for buying your stuff? *rubs his head*
FallenDevil Report | 10/28/2016 12:31 pm
top comment
FallenDevil Report | 10/28/2016 12:30 pm
FallenDevil Report | 10/28/2016 11:37 am
*on top again*
Mokoni Report | 09/20/2016 9:41 am
Hahah thanks <3 I need to get better first, I think
Mokoni Report | 09/20/2016 8:56 am
I know biggrin

People keep telling me to make an etsy for it...but I'm not sure I have the time gonk
Mokoni Report | 09/20/2016 8:40 am
Woa, so much going on :O I've been alright, super busy.

I need to finish crocheting a baby blanket for one of my students, and I need to really work on my brother's blanket. I had crocheted a baby blanket for his new son, and I want to surprise him with a matching blanket, so daddy and son matching blankets XD

Nobody has that many friggin friends

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AND DO NOT FRIGGIN PM ME! Prices are SET. I am not trading and I am not charitable enough to donate, so DO NOT ASK. I will not lower the price, and I am not going to negotiate, so, as it says above...Either buy something or get out! DO. NOT. BUG. ME.


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Things I spend entirely too much time watching

Moving Pictures That Don't

^2014 Beach Art by J Lone Wolf

^Pastel Goth Art by Silenced Nocturne

^Halloween 2k12 artsus by Alec Ikiiki

^Halloween 2k12 artsus by Celesaphii

^Halloween 2k12 artsus by Baitou (now Pop Star Chocolate)

^Kiss the Irish artsus by Brosephiine

^Gunslinger Girl Artsus by Alec Ikiiki

^Imma Woof! Artsus by Metallic Artist (shush, you know you wanna snuggle me)

^Lovely Lunar Artsus by Baitou

^Supremely Sexy Artsus by teh Von

^Deadly Easter Artsus by Alec Ikiiki

^Kawaii Chibi Artsus by Loonia

^Rabbit Rabbit Artsus by Shidosa

^Smexy Easter Artsus by KilalaBlue

^Sexy Easter Pinup by NuSith

^=O Easter Artsus by ii-nkwell

^Chibi Bunneh Artsus by II Yami-no-Tenshi II

^Easter Artsus by Omnipotent Assimilator

^ Waaai! Artsus by Baitou

^Uber cute Christmas artsus by Siafoam

^ First ever Christmas AND Moving(!) Artsus by Serenity Bunny

^Purrfekt artsus by Serenity Bunny

^Cute n Sexy Halloween Artsus by Serenity Bunny
^Super Sexy Halloween Artsus by Zealous Reign

^Artsus of me and my buddy Sakaki

^Halloween Artsus by the totally awesome Baitou!

^More awesome Halloween Artsus by Baitou

^Halloween Artsus by NikkiTeeze

More Wonderous Art!

^Pirate Artsus by Strawberry_Bunneh

^"Nekkid" Fury artsus by Serge

^Lovely ball artsus by J Lone Wolf

^AWESOME B-day gifty from V! We's Chibified!

^A gift from V. LOVE LOVE!XD

^ Awesome Art by Inai

^ Craptacular Chibi by me...

^ Avi art by Apple Toast

^ Flob by Apple Toast

^Kickass art by Sorrowed

^Sexified Avi Moi by Beirut Enry

^ Another fine work by Slightly Eccentric

^ Cute headshot by Syuura

^ Witchyness by allyoucaneater

^ Very old piece by me of one of my first avis

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Dovahbear: The Beginning

Dovahbear: The Adventures

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