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~Behind the Screen~

I am Foxy and I have vowed to protect the lives of my loved ones. I am currently 19 and I don't only play this game, but I also play IMVU, Wartunes, and Xbox. I love to watch youtube and I'm a huge Jacksepticeye fan he's so cool. I love watching him play and shout at his games, but than be serious. He makes me smile and brightens my day up when I'm depressed or feeling lonely. I am crazy, but a good type of crazy unless you get on my bad side. Once you get to know me you will start to understand who I really am. I'm not very open with strangers and it takes time for me to trust. If I trust you I suggest you keep that trust because once you lose my trust you will never get it back because I have my insecurities and trust is one of them. If you have a place on my profile or a special place in my heart you will know it because I will make it known. I am pansexual which means I care about peoples hearts not their body parts. I like writing, apocalyptic games, animals, marionettes (puppets), cuddles, gaming, my turtle, my baby boo, roses, color blue and many other things I will add if I can think of more. I dislike bullies, cheaters, liars, being treated badly, clowns, dolls, animal abusers, pervs to a certain point because I am a perv myself, but if you take it far I'm gonna let you know, and abusive people. My favorite animal are turtles and I own a Red Eared Slider she's so cute! 4laugh I'm mostly in ZOMG at Zen Gardens, Gold Beach, Bass'ken Lake or Bills Ranch that is if you ever want to speak to me and get to know me.

If you love ZOMG as much as me, which I love it TONS!!!! heart I'm so happy for it to be back up and running!!!! I used to play this as a teen and to have it part of my life again makes me so happy!!!!! xd I also met some of my best friends on here which their no longer around or if they are I don't know what their doing. They should totally come hang with me in ZOMG!!!! If you see me around in ZOMG and need help don't be afraid to ask I will gladly help you!!!! So, anyways if you LOVE ZOMG JOIN THIS CLAN IT'S FREAKING AWESOME!!!! I'm so proud to be a member of The Gold Savages of ZOMG and that they asked me to join them is just an honor. So, if your interested please Click here and be prepared to have loads of fun.

~Items to Avi's I Want~

~Lupus the Loney x 2
~Umber Immortal Veil
~Her Somber Embrace
~Immortal Franken Bride
~Lusting Law
~Fleeting Mythical Regalia
~Rose Spellsword of Truth x 2
~Crystal Witch Garnet
~Sainte Philia

~Writer Within~

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~The Writer Within Me~

This work here in this journal is mine. It's all original pieces and if I find out anyone is stealing my work that I put my heart and soul into I'm going to be really pissed. I work really hard to make my pieces really neat and worth everyone's time.

~Things I like~

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Super Ninja The Awesome
Thanks! Hope everything is going well! 3nodding
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Super Ninja The Awesome
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I'm bisexual too 3nodding
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Skye Antaeliel
smexy pink angel :3
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Pokes owo
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Shooting Star Shinon
You cutie wutie little angel emotion_bigheart :3
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Shooting Star Shinon
thank you and you are adorable heart
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Shooting Star Shinon
my angel
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Applejack Cheesecake
Happy Birthday emotion_bigheart
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