Hey I am Allie. I am 15. I love the colors black, blood red, dark blue, and green. I can get along with anyone as along as they dont give me a reason to hate them. I love dancing, playing in my band, skate boarding, singing, drawing, listening to music, watching Nightmare Before Christmas, and playing with my dogs in the woods.I hate popular people. I love the Steelers. I love anime and manga.I hate when people think that they are better than everyone else. My favorite energy drink is Full Throttle. My favorite animals are dogs, wolves, siberian tigers,and cats. I like watching naruto. My favorite sports r soccer,skate boarding, snow boarding, and swimming.Yes, I am emo and gothic.

My Favorite Bands-

My Chemical Romance <3
Pencey Prep!
Avenged Sevenfold
30 Seconds to Mars
Vendetta Red
Taking Back Sunday
Papa Roach
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Panic! At the disco
The Fray
Linkin Park
Green Day
Marilyn Manson
Hawthorne Heights
System Of A Down
Fall Out Boy
The Rasmus
The Used
Green Day
As I Lay Dying
Bullet For My Valentine
Crash Romeo
As I lay dying
Bowling for Soup
Blue October
Simple Plan

My Love for You:
I love you with all my heartt and soul
I hate myself when I hurt you
When you are sad I want to be the one to cheer you up
I need u
I want u
I want to spend the rest of my life with you
Cant you see how much I love you
I love youmore than life itself
I will do anything for you
Cant you see I need you
I cant live without you
I dont want to try to live without you
Please forgive meand my broken heart.

When I hear his name
My heart fills with shame
I dont want to be of blame
For the cause of his undying pain
What did I do
To make him so confused
I dont want to be the cause
of anything he ever lost
I dont want to be the one
Who had everything and lost it
How can I change what's been done
To make him be the one
Why can't I choose
How can this be the end
with everything that has been said
I cant go on like this
Knowing that I might miss
One single day of life
without him
I will be lost.

Do You Still Love Me?
I awoke in my bed crying
After dreaming that you'd be mine again
I cried because I'm scared that might never happen
It's just not fair
Because I have tried to get you back
It's just not fair
Because I can't
It just isnt fair
Because I catch myself
Thinking of you every second of the day
It's just not fair
Because everything you do
Brings a smile to my lips
Which makes getting you back even harder
I went to bed crying
Cause every second spent with you
Could've been a second spent telling you how I feel
The way I feel
Is just not fair and
My heart wont shut up
Because I know I love you
I cant stop wondering
If you still feel the same way about me
I fell asleep
Knowing of my feelings, but unsure of yours
There's an important question that
I need to ask
It's the sort of question that
You dont joke about
It's the sort of question that
You answer truthfully
This question
May tell my heart
To shatter into a million pieces
Or stay whole and happy
Please dont continuee to shatter my heart
I want to be whole and happy with you
So I was wondering....
Do you still love me?


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hey wuts up?
been a while
Dark Tridus the Dracopyre

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Dark Tridus the Dracopyre

Try this ! send this to at least 10 people then press on f5 you'll get 10,000

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i know one of those boys

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hey chicken butt!

happy belated easter! ^.^

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-hugs u deeply-hi sweety

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*snakes appear in mist a black cloak with red clouds appear-hi hun i am the akastuki member

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hi! whats up ! dang i love ur profile ... especially alex evans
Black Laprus

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Black Laprus

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