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The Panda is Random, Hyper, talks in third person sometimes, and has the habit of ending her sentences with "squeak". She is not responsible for biting you or contaminating you with her random panda hyperness or confusing you in any kind of way, she is only an innocent little panda :3

NYAPPY! I'm Eiko Panda, the one and only! All others are FAKES!!!
My name’s Jessica, but everyone calls me panda or pandy
except for my love Travis who likes to call me Button or Doll. ♥
I am happily engaged to the love of my life and can’t wait to be his wife <3
I am 21 years old and only 5’1” so I always get mistaken
for being a whole lot younger by everyone all the time.
It’s because I’m so short and look younger than I am.
Hurray for being short and looking young though! ;o

I am a poet, an artist, and an angel mother.
I love gaming ♥ and love to play WoW with my fiancé.
I can be extremely quiet and shy around new people >)3(<
I tend to easily get embarrassed and blush a whole lot all the time. (o ・ω ・o)
I absolutely love the band Gorillaz ♥ ♥ ♥

If you want to know anything else about me or have any questions
don’t hesitate to PM or comment me, I will answer it :3
Don't copy / steal anything from my Gaia profile or my layout! I worked hard to make it! I'd appreciate it if you didn't and please don't copy/steal anything that relates to me in real life! I've had enough of fake people who copy and steal from me. Don't be one of them.



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Eccentric Berber

Report | 07/10/2014 4:20 pm

Eccentric Berber

Okay that is fine.
Eccentric Berber

Report | 07/10/2014 4:10 pm

Eccentric Berber

Okay will do. How much for each?
Eccentric Berber

Report | 07/10/2014 4:03 pm

Eccentric Berber

I will buy them.
Eccentric Berber

Report | 07/08/2014 11:41 pm

Eccentric Berber

How many seaweed hair recipes do you have?
I would like to purchase all of them.
Lethal Dominique

Report | 01/22/2013 7:41 pm

Lethal Dominique


Report | 01/18/2013 11:04 pm


Lol Yes indeed. Thanks a lot!! heart

Report | 01/18/2013 10:15 pm


Ah shiz, I gotta lot of work cut out for me then.... sweatdrop

Report | 01/16/2013 6:43 pm


holy crap...wow well if i get something to help me out I will probably create my own.

Report | 01/14/2013 1:48 pm


hahaha...i've been looking for some one who do so for me or at least show me exactly how to do so by like creating a tutorial video or something....>< I want something for custom profile not the classic that way i can add more deco if i want...like how you have yours but slightly different and that way i can add in deco pics gaia offers around the theme...o.O

Report | 01/14/2013 12:58 pm


Would you make a profile for some one else if they asked? Even if they gave you a backdrop piece to use?


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