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Nathan Summers' birth was carefully orchestrated by the geneticist Mr Sinister, who had created his mother Madelyne Pryor as a clone of the mutant telepath Jean Grey. Soon after, Pryor was corrupted by demonic influences into using baby Nate as a sacrifice to open a portal between Earth and the demon-infested dimension Limbo, but was opposed by her husband and Nate's father Cyclops, his teammates in X-Factor, and his former team the X-Men. Sinister planned to use Nate as a weapon against his former master, Apocalypse, but Apocalypse learned of this and had Nate captured and infected with a deadly techno-organic virus. After Apocalypse was defeated a member of the Clan Askani - a sisterhood dedicated to opposing Apocalypse in the alternate future of Earth-4935- offered to save Nate's life by taking him to her own era. Desperate, Cyclops agreed, and Nate was taken 2,000 years into the future of Earth-4935, where the Mother Askani, actually his time-displaced half-sister Rachel, had him cloned in case the virus could not be cured. Minions of Apocalypse attacked and stole the clone, taking it to their master, who raised the child as his heir, Stryfe.

Rachel pulled the psyches of Scott and Jean into the future of Earth-4935 to help keep Nate safe, and, as Slym and Redd Dayspring, they raised him for the next 12 years, teaching him how to use his mutant powers to keep the virus at bay. After the teenage Nate defeated Apocalypse, he traveled to the last Askani enclave and was welcomed as the Askani'Son, "the Chosen One." After the enclave was attacked, Nate regrouped the surviving Askani into the rebel Clan Chosen. Nate later fell in love with young novitiate Aliya Jenskot, and soon they were married and had a son named Tyler. Following one clash with Stryfe, Aliya was killed and Tyler was captured. Stryfe brainwashed Tyler, and in a subsequent encounter, Nate was forced to shoot Tyler to save his Clanmate Dawnsilk. After Stryfe used a time travel device to flee into the past, arriving in the late 20th century, Nate followed. He arrived in Scotland, years before his birth, and was taken in by geneticist Moira MacTaggert, who taught him how to speak English. He adopted the codename Cable, as a metaphor for being a link between the present in the future. Moira sent him to visit her friend Professor Xavier in the U.S., and en route he encountered the feral mutant Wolverine, aiding him against another agent from his own time, D'Von Kray. Meeting Xavier, Cable helped design the security systems for his mansion in exchange for lessons on how to live in the 20th century.

Cable formed the mercenary group the Wild Pack, later the Six Pack, and took missions from Tolliver, secretly Tyler, which often put them in conflict with Stryfe and his Mutant Liberation Front. Cable made occasional trips back to Earth-4935, at one point returning with a space station he named Graymalkin, after the address of Xavier's mansion.With the aid of his mercenary ally and sometime lover Domino, Cable reorganized the New Mutants into the strike team X-Force. Stryfe had made an attempt on Charles Xavier's life and sought to frame Cable for the deed. Believing himself the true son of Cyclops, Stryfe kidnapped Cyclops and Jean Grey. Cable came to their rescue, but during the struggle both he and Stryfe fell into a temporal rift. Displaced far into the future, scientists of that time saved Cable's life by using Stryfe's brainwaves. Stryfe's mind eventually took control of Cable's body, but after being confronted with the truth of his existence he relinquished that control.

When the psionic entity Onslaught hampered all telepathic abilities on Earth, Cable began to succumb to the TO virus. After attacks by Onslaught's herald Post and a mentally-controlled Hulk weakened Cable further, he found himself allying with his nemesis Apocalypse in order to rescue the young mutant Franklin Richards from Onslaught, after which Franklin helped Cable suppress the virus. Later, Cable learned from journalist Irene Merryweather of a plot by the enigmatic Hellfire Club to obtain Apocalypse's power. Cable was too late to prevent them from unleashing Apocalypse's Harbinger on the world, but he managed to defeat it with the aid of the Avengers. Realizing that the culmination of his destiny was near, Cable asked Irene to chronicle his life. Soon after, Cable learned that he was one of the Twelve, mutants supposedly destined to usher in a golden age for their kind. Apocalypse intended to use the Twelve to boost his powers to allow him to alter reality and had them captured. Cyclops seemingly sacrificed himself to stop Apocalypse, and Cable joined the X-Men to honor his memory. Subsequently learning that Cyclops was still alive, Cable and Jean tracked him down to Egypt. Jean forcibly removed Apocalypse's essence from Cyclops' body, allowing Cable to seemingly destroy it. His purpose in life apparently complete, Cable returned to his mercenary ways, eventually forming the Underground resistance movement to oppose the clandestine Weapon X Project. A failed infiltration attempt of the Neverland mutant concentration camp saw them captured and the knowledge of Neverland wiped from their minds. Cable later found himself at odds with the mercenary Deadpool over the One World Church and their planned use of the Fa├žade Virus to transform the world's people into blue-skinned beings like themselves in the hope of bringing about peace on Earth.

Cable ultimately realized that his body would be unable to contain his vast energies, and so set out to save the world before he died. Rebuilding his space station as the floating city Providence, Cable realized that the only way to force the people's of Earth to see the potential of a unified future was to unite them against the common goal of opposing him. Initially opposed by the super-spy agency S.H.I.E.L.D. and the X-Men, Cable faced the cosmic-powered Silver Surfer, which caused his powers to burn out rapidly. He used his teleportation matrix to surgically remove the portions of his brain that controlled his mutant abilities, effectively lobotomizing himself. Deadpool then enlisted the aid of the Fixer to merge Cable with a techno-organic embryo, restoring his powers. Cable subsequently reformed X-Force to oppose the ancient evil named the Skornn, which he was able to destroy at the apparent cost of his own life. Cannonball and his fellow former X-Force member Siryn joined Deadpool on a quest to find Cable, and after finding his life force scattered across alternate realities, they collected it and returned to their own universe to discover that Cable had reverted to an infant when the mutant sorceress the Scarlet Witch reshaped reality. The mutant technosmith Forge was able to restore Cable, who began aging rapidly. Faced with being overwhelmed by his powers, Cable expended them by curing Deadpool of the brain damage he had suffered years earlier at the hands of Weapon X. As he re-aged, Cable's powers returned.

Apocalypse's revival and Rumekistan
Cable also revealed that he was the one responsible for Apocalypse's post House of M revival, stating that the Mutant community needed a powerful threat to Rally against. Believing that the X-Men would inevitably defeat Apocalypse yet again bringing the remaining Mutant community together, Cable judged "the risks worth the rewards".

Cable was active in Rumekistan's revolution and allied himself with Captain America in opposing the Superhuman Registration Act.

Cable was betrayed and shot in the back of the head by Deadpool in the sewer system of the country of Rumekistan. Cable was left outside of the sewer because, as Deadpool stated "Even I wouldn't leave a guy in a sewer." Cable was found by some of the citizens of the country, who brought him to the main hospital, where he took the power from around himself, returned the electricity to the country (which had been taken out by Deadpool teamed up with Six Pack earlier) and captured the new Six-Pack, sending Deadpool fleeing from his country, imprisoning G.W. Bridge, Solo, Anaconda and Hammer with the intent on freeing them later, and taking on Domino as his lover once again.

During the Superhuman Civil War, in which certain heroes rebelled against the registration act Cable chose Captain America's side andoperated from SHIELD safe-house number 23. He had a meeting with Captain America and offered him sanctuary, but when Captain America refused his offer, he joined his 'Secret Avengers'. He left the Secret Avengers after the death of Goliath.[6]

Cable rejoined the X-Men as part of a new team that consisted of Rogue, Iceman (Bobby Drake), Cannonball, Sabretooth, and Mystique. Cable seemingly died when Gambit and Sunfire detonated Providence.

Messiah Complex
Cable actually survived, and resurfaced in possession of the first mutant baby girl to be born after M-Day. The X-Men, Marauders, and Purifiers had been seeking the child. This put Cable in conflict with Bishop, the X-Men, and the new X-Force. In the end Cable convinced Cyclops to allow him to take the baby into the future. Even in the future Bishop was able to track them down, but Cable escaped with the help a a future Sam Guthrie.

Cable took refuge in the future in the secluded safe haven of New Liberty, where Cable got married to a resident named Hope, who later died defending the child. Cable decided to name the child Hope, in honor of her deceased stepmother. Hope and Cable were separated in time, appearing in the same spot but in different years. When Cable touched down from the spot, he appeared two years after Hope, and was steadily losing control of his body due to the techno-organic virus within him. It altered his appearance so much that Hope didn't register Cable's face. Eventually, Bishop, using his codename as a way to portray himself as a holy figure, gained on them, and Cable and Hope commandeered the last ship the planet had, the Ensahabnur I, with Cable posing as Stryfe. Cable forced Hope to abandon Emil, the boy who had helped her survive undetected for two years, leaving Hope distraught. Bishop, armed with a thermonuclear device in the stump of his arm, set out to make his own ship, knowing it would only be a matter of time.

At some point during their journey Hope accidentally betrayed Cable and he was imprisoned. Bishop and Emil eventually caught up to Cable and Hope on the last ship to leave earth, Emil under the impression that Cable had kidnapped Hope and Bishop was her true father. Bishop was also armed with a thermo-nuclear device which he planned to activate as soon as he saw Hope. While Bishop and Emil, the boy who helped Hope survive while waiting for Cable, raided the Ensahabnur I, Emil and Hope were reunited and Hope explained to Emil that Bishop was in fact trying to kill her.

During Bishop's invasion the Brood, attracted to Hope's power, attacked both ships, distracting Bishop. Cable and Bishop both fought the Brood, Cable being swallowed by an Acanti, but escaping by using it's rib as a sword and cutting it's insides, forcing the Acanti to regurgitate him.

Hope and Emil made their way to the ships two terraforming pods, which would facilitate their escape. Emil placed Hope in the pod against her will as she refused to leave Cable. As Emil was preparing the second pod Cable appeared and Emil gave the second pod to Cable, sacrificing his own life.

After Cable and Hope had left Emil obtained Bishops thermo-nuclear weapon, detonating moments before he could be attacked by a Sleazoid. However Bishop escaped by allowing himself to be absorbed by an Acanti, and two years later he had tracked Hope and Cable in cryosleep within their terraforming pods.

Second Coming
When the now teenaged Hope wanted to return to the past, Cable reluctantly agreed. They managed to make it back to the present, only to be attacked by Bastion's Human Council. Hope escaped with Rogue, and Cable fought alongside the X-Men once more.

Cable later sacrificed his life to bring Wolverine and his X-Force team (Archangel, Cypher, X-23 and Domino) to San Francisco in year 2010 by stepping into the time portal that Bastion was using to send his Nimrod Class Sentinels to the aforementioned year (which only allows technological entities to pass through and destroys anything remotely organic) and finally allowing his techno-organic virus to finally and fully infect him. But the strain of holding the portal to bring the team safely home and allowed the techno-organic virus to take hold of him causes him to explode and thus killed him, leaving only his left techno-organic arm behind.[7]

Avengers: X-Sanction
But in fact, Cable escaped into the future, where he met Blaquesmith, who told him that the world collapsed because the Avengers had killed Hope. Together they went to the Avengers Mansion where they found much anti-mutant technology. They then returned to the present in order to hunt the Avengers before the virus finally consumed him. Although he managed to defeat several Avengers, he was eventually taken down and brought to Utopia by Cyclops. There Blaquesmith convinced Hope to cure him which she did by taking the virus into herself and destroying it with the Phoenix Flames, thus finally curing Cable of the techno-organic virus. On the astral plane Cable made Cyclops promise that he would do whatever it took to protect Hope when the Avengers would come for her, and promised him his help in the coming war.

Cable & X-Force
After the war between the Avengers and the X-Men, Cable awoke from his coma and left Utopia, leaving Hope a note telling her not to follow him. He tracked down Forge, who had gone mad and was presumed dead, and used his telepathic powers to create a psychic scenario that allowed Forge to repair the damage to his psyche, curing him of his insanity. Cable had begun receiving visions of disasters, and needed Forge as part of a team to stop these events from coming to pass. Along with Forge, Cable also recruited Domino, Doctor Nemesis and Colossus.

New X-Force
After the disbandment of his previous team, and the "Alexandria Incident", an attack on a defence symposium in the city of Alexandria, an incident tied to a mutant, Cable decided to create a black ops team to protect the interests of the mutant nation. To this end, he recruited Psylocke, Doctor Nemesis, Fantomex and Marrow.


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