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Gender: Female

Birthday: 06/08



yea. im complicated.

I would consider myself to be the type of person who can get along with almost anyone... I'm a bit of a hipster myself, I suppose (or so I've been told)...I like most people, but I cant stand it when someone is rude or hostille for no apparent reason. I am strait and not looking for a boyfriend (only because I've already found the perfect guy...!). cat_smilies/icon_4laugh.gif

my [fav]:

store[s]: Goodwill, Love Culture, Teavana

color: anything pastel or neutral

friends: crazy but I love them!

music: anything but most Country (I make an exception for Johnny Cash and Rascal Flatts) But my favorites are The XX, Two Door Cinema Club, Mumford and Sons, M83, Miike Snow, The Chemical Brothers, MGMT, Young the Giant, STRFKR, and Modest Mouse.

shoes: anything from Goodwill ;D I love me some cheap clothes cat_smilies/icon_whee.gif


movies: Anchorman, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Coraline, Leprechaun, The Never-ending Story, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, or anything with Neil Patrick Harris!

pants: they are of the yoga variety!!!!!!

drink: blood......jk! its TeA! yum!

animal: dragons, leeches, snakes (oh my!)

im weird:

~I'm a big lord-of-the-rings-geek.
~I can write in the Elvish Sindarin as well as I can with regular letters
~I always wear mis-matched sox (I'm just too lazy to find a match)
~I love StarWars cat_smilies/icon_xd.gif
~I've made up a lingo with my bestie, Gabi, that is really strange
~I likes...
~I still get on this website. I made this when I was a freshman and now I'm a freshman again! Haha
~I love Ren Fairs and LARPing
~WHOVIAN ALERT. Sorry y'all. I love me some David 10ent.
~Also a huge Merlin fan.... cat_smilies/icon_wink.gif

my fav. quotes:

"...and the moral of todays story is...Moral #3: people who live in glass houses should get dressed with the lights off."
"I dont know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve."
"Better to ask forgiveness than permission."
"When you feel down, just look up..."
"Beauty is only skin deep..."

I like:
~My boyfriend! <3 (Thomas)
~fun words ex: Awesome-Tastic, Fantasmigorical, AmaZing-ness, Awesome-Fan-Tas-Migori-Cal...
~Invader Zim (if you don't know who/what that is: I have nothing to say to you.)
~converse: who doesn't?
~music, i feel like im going insane if i am not listening to some!
~the 70s
~hugs =]
~snakes, or any slimey little animal

I dont like:
~posers or fakes
~Barack Obama (no, I'm not racist, just Conservative)
~when the government tries to take away a right clearly listed in the bill rights EX: right to bear arms
~ego-centric jerks
~hairspray (ick!)
~"TXT TLK" or bad grammar
~drama queens/kings
~people who are so obbsessed with the environment that they forget all about the natural balances & cycles that were here before they were and will continue after they are gone. dont get me wrong: im all for being more responsible for the environment, i just dont think we need to take it to extremes...

Oh and one other thing..... I'M A GINGER!!!!! ;D cat_smilies/icon_razz.gif

Well there you have it, I pretty much just dumped my guts out on a silver platter. I really don't care what you think about me. But, I hope you feel educated, because you just got schooled. ;D

Yellow Blue Bus! cat_smilies/icon_surprised.gif

This is a doodle I made of my kid sister! :]