Potti's family trip to Meheeco~!

"Supposedly I ought to live to a ripe old age -- but thats if I don't kill anyone , or get shot by some overzealous bigot , or fatally harm myself . Or kill myself -- thats a popular one."


Some basic stuff is that I'm a girl , I'm not a bisexual or a lesbian , I have no piercings/tattoos etc. , I'm chinese-canadian , born in Canada , living in Canada , completely white-washed and I have a huge obsession with Harry Potter (Mugglecast , Pottercast -- all that jazz) . I also type with a space before and after punctuation .

Oh , and also . If I owe you something (avy art, gold .. etc.) , just come right out and tell me . I have a horrible memory .


i read and watch it
i listen to mugglecast and pottercast
i love the books , like the movies
dan radcliffe = lotsa luff
his acting = not so luff
umbridge is a great character
so was snape
bills hair is not too long
my opinion changed about fleur delacour
but her singing still sucks

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Zensumu Wrote:
Time for some Arithmancy smilies/icon_surprised.gif

Lets see... C h e r r y C h e n g...That's
3 8 5 9 9 8 3 8 5 5 7

So that's.... 70...Which boils down to a seven.
So 7 is your character number, which is the general personality type for j00, potti. smilies/icon_surprised.gif

Seven: Perceptive, understanding and bright. Sevens enjoy hard work and challenges. They are often serious, scholarly and interested in all things mysterious. Originality and imagination are more important than money and material possessions. Sevens can also be pessemistic, sarcastic and insecure. Seven is sometimes considered a mystical or magical number because of it's associations with the biblical days of creation and the seven heavenly bodies of ancient astronamy. (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter.)



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Notes To Self

Just a place for me to keep track of things and try stuff out . Not meant to amuse anyone but me . For amusement , try my website (www.freewebs.com/billywig) .



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If nothing else, I pride myself for always being recognizable in these constantly changing times. :3
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do you still log onto gaia?
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that's a good quote you wrote!
Kamikaze Poptart

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Kamikaze Poptart

you have totallt good tv/movie/book taste ^.^
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Hello there my friend!

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yesh i thought of that bu-but not everyone in the world uses shampoo right?! XDDDDD

what's from mugglenet?

i've read a bunch of theories about the 7th book (i haven't spent time finishing the 5th and reading the 6th but a friend told me the 7th must be really long for him to find all the horcuxes (is that the name? of them?)
and also kill voldemort or something..

-harry's probably going to die
-hermione will not be head girl and instead will help harry
-dudley might be a wizard
-snape is on the good side ( i think and agree very highly on this!)
-malfoy will turn to the good side after he sees voldemort's true evilness
-lupin might die ( i think this was written) but the theory person hopes if he has to die he dies as a hero
he's a good guy and all and i agree he deserves it as far as i have read
-someone or someones think that the weasleys are the heir to griffindor and some think that harry is..
yup there's more
on about that com...parental stuff or something like that..
google it maybe? harry potter theories or something harry potter


what's from mugglenet you said?

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Report | 02/26/2007 9:24 pm

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lol hi bonjour hola yosel yo

anyways what's up lately?

still 19 friends?

is that what you've had before too?
i knew it was less than 20 friends too.

It's good to manage your friendslist though.
Your signature scares me...

What is it supposed to mean?
So stopped by to say hi, and hope that you will comment back.


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Yeah, I'm not sure what to think. I'm happy to find everything out finally, but then I'm sad it's all ending -confusion-

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Behold! A random comment!

=o Harry Potter! Best writing ever. Ever. Go HP fans!

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I think you're great. <3


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Jiggery pokery.