a little something about me

Name: Neesha
Birthday: September 19
Zodiac: Virgo
Born: Virgin Islands/St.thomas
Current Location: Atl Georgia
Status: [ ] Married [x]Single [ ] Taken
Likes:reading, listening to music, hanging with my bestie,
shopping, anime, saturday cartoons, my dog, & family
Dislikes: fake ppl, haters, beggers, users/abusers,and all
Justin Beiber's songs lol ;D
Favorite Color: All Shades of pink
Favorite Singer: Mariah Carey
Favorite Rapper: Nicki Minaj
Favorite Person in the Whole World: Um... Me Duh!

Honestly I'll probably be the sweetest girl you'll ever meet.
I'm shy and a little quiet around strangers but the people
that know me know wish that I was. I'm kind of a nerd
but that's ok cause I rather not be a dumb a**. If your
in my life right now its cause your're an important person.
I try to do the most for the people that I care about.
I hate disappointing the people I love. I'm not gonna
try to pretend like I'm perfect cause unfortunately
I'm human and I always constantly making mistakes
whether its in life or love. But its a good that I learn
from those mistakes cause eventually I make up
for them or I atleast try to.

Can I- Trina

xX_HUsTL3 BuNnii3_Xx