Alright first and foremost I am a very blunt and harsh person to deal with since my speech pattern is not ******** roses and kittens got that? Just cause I curse all the ******** time does not mean that I'm brassed off or a ******** a*****e. If you can't handle potentially getting your feelings hurt cause holy s**t I use harsh words, then do us both a favour and don't speak to me. With that being said I am actually a nice guy I'm just not everyone's ******** cup of black tea and that's fine by me.

• I am male.
• I work full time, have a pretty sweet ******** job actually love it.
• I am in my late twenties, so old [/shakes cane] get off my lawn kids!
• I've been rping / writing for over ******** fourteen years if not more.
• Currently I'm in central time zone, USA.
• I am from Europe, born and raised.
• I'm over six feet tall, with a pretty good build, dark blonde hair and grey blue eyes.
• I don't do pictures so don't ask for any nor do I voice s**t so no you can't hear my deep British accent. Though, my American one is getting pretty good too.
• English Breakfast Tea is pretty sweet but I also like this Samurai Chai s**t too.
• Coffee is my favourite drink, especially espressos.
• I can make some badass alfredo sauce you'll ever taste.

Yeah well that's pretty much it. Figures that covers the basics.


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Volkov Seraphim

Report | 10/27/2013 2:14 am

Volkov Seraphim

happy bday
Volkov Seraphim

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Volkov Seraphim

Volkov Seraphim

Report | 06/08/2013 1:13 pm

Volkov Seraphim

I hope you enjoy your game ^^ and the other stuff, pouts alot
Volkov Seraphim

Report | 06/08/2013 12:58 pm

Volkov Seraphim

yeah. im so upset over not being able to im you. my laptop sucks so much a**, so skype is out of the question atm.

and yeah, I clearly go to that store too much. gonk
Volkov Seraphim

Report | 06/08/2013 12:30 pm

Volkov Seraphim

crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying
Volkov Seraphim

Report | 06/08/2013 12:29 pm

Volkov Seraphim

give me your chat stuff. i'm on aim and tinychat
Volkov Seraphim

Report | 05/02/2013 9:05 am

Volkov Seraphim


Report | 04/24/2013 8:27 pm


Mmhm, it's enjoyable to do when I'm sitting at my grandmothers doing nothing
Or I sort of do it as background whenever in drawing.

Report | 04/24/2013 6:36 pm


Meh, it's alright. That was years ago, I don't really dwell on it anymore.
I do RP now, but it's with my close friend and we do it over instant messenger. Not very often, since we're both busy.
We tried doing a group thing with another friend, but we're not all on AIM at the same time to keep it consistent haha.

Report | 04/24/2013 6:23 pm


Ahh I am kind of annoyingly picky when it comes to my RP partner(s) >.< Plus in the past, during RPs I'm usually the one that gets ignored/left out at some point so I just sort of stopped.


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Warning I am a very blunt, straight forward guy who generally cusses a lot. I refrain
from doing it too much these days but if it happens it doesn't mean I'm brassed off.