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Birthday: 04/09

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houjun-san eevolving pokékaiju star kittens (NEEEEEEEEEEEEED)
Magical King of Cards x2

My name is Danielle and I am 23 years old. My favorite colors are pink, red, & black. I'm an Aries in Astrology and an Rooster of the Chinese Zodiac. I am a very friendly girl and I get along with other people very well, but I do have my limits, but I believe everyone does. I try to be a very positive person and I'm a very good listen so I will do my best to give advice to anyone in need. If you ever need a friend to talk to, I am that girl. I'm a huge Disney girl. I always have been since I was very little and I always will be. I am a dreamer and a helpless romantic. I like to imagine what my future like be like and I wish there was a fast forward button. I want to be a novelist and write many fiction books and maybe a few nonfiction books. I like criminology and forensic and I want to go visit a few inmates and interview them then write a book about it. I love to read and when I am in the mood to read, I can sometimes finish a whole book in a day. I love to read Vampire books. People always say they want to "live life" while they are still young then have a family, I'm the opposite. I do want to have some fun while I am still young, but more than anything I REALLY want to be a wife and a mother. I already have some baby names picked out and I'm saving as many baby stuff as I can, but most of them are for a little girl because I want a baby girl first. I look forward to those days and I wish time would hurry up, but I have to find the right man for me :3 I am a animal lover and I love music. Music is a very big part of my life. Even if I do not know how to play an instrument, I love listening to my iPod when I am bored or if it's too quiet. When I was little, I used to want to be a singer and there's still a part of me that still does, but I do not think that I have a good singing voice. I have written a few original lyrics, but I need to learn how to write music so I can perform them. I want to make a music video for the very first song that I wrote, but maybe when I have the music done and the money to do that, that will be a future project.


The Words

Nobody Knows Your Heart

Honey I'm Good

Once Upon a Dream

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Lady Magdalene LeBrun Report | 10/04/2016 3:24 am
Lady Magdalene LeBrun
Awe thank you sis ^,..,^
Your avi is cute <3
Empress Boa Report | 09/19/2016 1:08 pm
Empress Boa
visit my folks in US of A yayy! fast foods x)
Empress Boa Report | 09/17/2016 8:26 pm
Empress Boa
ooh sounds nice 3 weeks sounds amazing i cant wait december for me n rolf's vacation lol! were doing great n.n lol
Empress Boa Report | 09/17/2016 2:18 pm
Empress Boa
hey scarlet! how are you biggrin
Cicura-Chan Report | 08/21/2016 11:11 am
You always have really cool and beautiful avis :'3
Lilliths Sinful Desires Report | 08/16/2016 7:29 pm
Lilliths Sinful Desires
Yeah instead of the pink hands I want black ones to imitate wise-mans control over her, as well as a deep blue side dress for hr slits like she originally has instead of pink. ^-^
I entered her in tomorrows 90's anime runway heres hoping shes recognized! sweatdrop heart and I think it looks great! I love all the items you have on whee
Lilliths Sinful Desires Report | 08/16/2016 5:59 pm
Lilliths Sinful Desires
Its still incomplete, one day though! emotion_donotwant BUT THANK YOU! THANK YOUUUU!!! again! emotion_bigheart emotion_kirakira
Yours is just as lovey! creamy candy is so pretty!
Lilliths Sinful Desires Report | 08/16/2016 3:27 pm
Lilliths Sinful Desires
Squeak-! thank youu!!!!! redface heart
K B3LLe Report | 08/09/2016 4:45 pm
Cute demon of pink and a fan design of the goddess NYX
K B3LLe Report | 08/09/2016 4:37 pm
Adorable avi!
-l- Mi-tan -l-
Yosh the Panda
Tiny Chibis
False Demon
Empress Boa
A Sinister Whisper
Lady Magdalene LeBrun
Tiny Chibis

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