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A little bit about meh ;o

idk what to write here but oh well. here:

age: 15
location: california

skype: kitsuneofhearts

if you wanna stalk me, for whatever reason (X'D lol), go check towns 2, read my journal, send me a message on gaia, or message me on skype, etc =w=

i seem to like making wishes a lot ^^ its nice to have some hope once in a while. sometimes miracles exist, although rarely. some of my wishes come true x3

sometimes i scribble down my thoughts or stuff that happens in my journal. some entries can be really long, some are short. i post new entries from time to time

i accept random friend requests xD why not? lol x3 plus if i dont talk to them anyways, i can just clean out my friends list. i do that once in a while, but not often. feel free to send me a random request, and maybe a pm

well, its pretty obvious, but my favorite color is pink =w= so yeah XD that explains why my avi is pink 90% of the time

i like being random sometimes > w < lol x3

aaaannnddd... i ran out of things to say o w o ;

bye then~

random stuff i write down~

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Pretty much just stuff like how my day went, stuff im thinking about, how i feel at the moment, etc.


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