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Hey there!! Call me Dani!

I'm a relatively average teenager, though I suppose that depends on your perspective on what an 'average teenager' is! I'm a genderfluid demiromantic demisexual, and if you have any questions about any of those three things, please PM me or something! I most definitely don't mind answering questions to clear rude confusions~!

I'm a generally very affectionate person by heart, and if I make you uncomfortable one way or another, please inform me right away! I don't ever want to purposefully make you uncomfortable or, worse, hurt you in any way.

I aspire to become an author, or at least, someone who works in the fields of animation! I love languages and cats, as well as flowers. I love friendships and will most likely shower you with compliments and things like that, but HOW I show my love for you depends on how close we are. I'm also a weeaboo trash, and am currently very very into Hetalia! yummy_smilies/icon_puddi.gif

I really dislike genderizing inanimate objects, such as clothes and hygienic items (i.e. soap, deodorant, shampoo, etc). I think it's really stupid. I also dislike abuse to anyone and anything, as well as offensive, degrading jokes.

I'm an introvert! I might not talk to you for days and maybe even weeks, but I still think about you lots!! I just don't feel like I have a need to talk to you 24/7, but sometimes that's really nice. If I don't contact you for days, don't think I dislike you! Unless I personally say I don't like you, I most likely don't!

Let's be friends!!


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This here, is my journal. I don't know why exactly you're interested in seeing what I have in here, but, eh. Just remember to be respectful to me and everyone else!




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