Oh little did he know that he'd be armed with the public reaction.
The music drowns him out but it's over due.
I don't want to be sown.
I just want to get out.
I just want to feel it first.
But look how they enjoy this borrowed boy.

Oh little did he know that his own friends were going to be the problem.
I'm pretty sure my answer's still the only one.
I don't want to stay here.
I don't want to move on.
I just want to be somewhere you're just passing through.

Somebody join me in the dark.
Somebody hold me till I'm gone.
All of my life its in all of my lies.
Stay on my side until we collide.

When there's no place left to go
I will meet you down below
and when there's no one left to find,
we wont need this place to hide.
Goodbye green eyes.



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