*My name is Kay-Lee.
*I'm currently 24 years old
*I am literate.
(This means I can read, and I don't type LyKeDizzZZ!!!oneone!!)
*I have been playing since '04, but I didn't play from '08-'13

* I like sushi, pj's, cuddling, roller coasters, and dubstep.
* I hate people who dont use their blinkers, people who drive for miles and miles with their blinkers on, and people who make judgements on others simply by their outward appearance.
*I work full time, Mon-Fri, and try to spend the weekends with my family. I try to pop on here when I have free time.

*I am generally disgusted with mainstream society.
*I think that our culture has become a bunch of over sexed, spoiled brats.
*Honestly, I'd rather have someone tell me that I'm smothering my children than that their out of control.
*I pray every day that I will be able to raise them in a way that can make a difference, even if its just for them.
* I will probably assume you're just like the rest of society.
*Prove me wrong.*

*My Family*

Me and my boyfriend [theprophet2388]

Thomas Nathan

David Michael

Johnathan Joshua

Tyler William


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Tu n'adore pas moi....tu ne fais jamais.

Je desteste ton amour...mais je la veux...

Well, my ramblings I guess.


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Do come to Dev Meat next Friday - 8pm EDT, on Bladed Vase. Location and theme will be posted at the end of zOMGaians Unite thread on Friday afternoon. (Saw your post on that thread.) There wasn't much notice - most didn't hear until Friday morning about the layoffs, but the Dev Meat was huge like the old ones, and 7 devs were there, including Sisky. Mavdoc holds a Meat every week, though.
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We gotta play zOMG soon. Great way to make gold
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Lol , well ya still got the s**t I gave ya. I'm broke 4300g XD
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Lol, good job hun. Are you rich now?
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Faster than I expected at least
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18, eh? Haha welcome back

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happy belated birthday,

even though you've kind of disappeared,

and deleted me from your myspace.
Girl Loves Boy x 10

Report | 01/13/2008 7:10 pm

Girl Loves Boy x 10

Haha, aww.

Your Thomas is ADORABLE!


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ur son is so cute!!!!!

Report | 01/13/2008 12:57 am


You have a BEAUTIFUL baby boy. It makes my heart all fuzzy <3


I'm back!!

my boyfriend | alter-ego