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fleetwood mac is golden



Sometimes I disappear & venture across the globe, or go wherever I can whenever I can.
I love listening to music, reading spiritual books, & being bestfriends with random people.
Sometimes I go quiet, sometimes I don't want to talk.. Respect that, it's me not you.

Basically I'm only online for forums, RPing being my main source, I am willing to Rp anything if you are interested in starting something with me. Check out my posts and see if I'm what your looking for!

I work nights to the early morning, bartender life.
I also have a day job & not all the time in the world to reply or respond to messages/posts, so bare with me, I'm doing the best I can.

Oh, my name is mads.. I'm 23 & I come from the land down under. I have an aboriginal background, and a mix of other cultures like Dutch/Scottish thanks to my parents smile Weird hey? Yerp..


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-xtc kid

I love you more

Equals ! ❤