everyone is slowly walking away. or though it seems like it. i think that i am the one who is walking away and to everything seems so far.

what to do...

Galla - Kimi ga iru

furikaereba itsudatte
kawaranu [kimi] no egao ga atta
arukitsukare tachidomaru hi mo
chiisa na yorokobi no hi mo
Sometimes, if I turn and look back
to where your unchanging smile was,
both on the day when I stood still after walking to exhaustion
and on the day of that small delight,

kono ryoute ni kakaekirenai
ai wo oshiete kureta
when you taught me a love
that couldn't be carried in my two hands alone...

Ah atatakaku sotto yasashiku
yomigaeru kaze wa
mada ano hi no mama no mabushisa de
fukinukete yuku yo
Ah, still that warmly, so tenderly
reawakened breeze
keeps on blowing through
with the same kind of radiance it had on that day.

uragiru koto no tsumibukasa wo
shinjiaeru koto no tsuyosa wo
kazoekirenu hiru to yoru wo
mune ni shimatteyukou...
The depth of guilt of that which betrays,
the strength of belief in each other,
the countless noons and nights--
I take these things into my heart before I go.

wakare to deai no michi wo
[kizu]tsukinagara [boku]ra wa aruiteyuku n' da ne
On the road of meetings and partings,
while we're being hurt, we keep on walking, don't we?

Ah atatakaku sotto yasashiku
yomigaeru kaze wa
ima hitori sora wo mitsumeteru
[boku] ni hohoendeiru
mada ano hi no mama no mabushisa de
te wo futteiru
[kimi] wa everlasting memory
Ah, now that warmly, so tenderly
reawakened breeze
keeps gazing at the lonely sky
and smiling down on me
still with the same radiance it had on that day;
I keep waving my hand
at the everlasting memory of you.


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IT's oki, dont worry bout it lol.
Yes i started school at sac state already ...
SO many hws, and reading.. and its soo not fun lol.

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Thank you. Sorry for the late reply again. >_<'; i Head a whole new youth revolution! XP

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Hi Phanatni, how are you?
Everything going ok atleast?

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oh my goodness lol

just work on all of them..that way if you get tired of one you can switch to the next one lol

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pfft...watching tv all day lol


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hahaha thea the fish is a fighter that's why lol

iono you post stuff up there..i think lol

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loser..loser..imma sit on you bwahahahaha

oh btw..souky says to stop donating gold to the guild lol

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oh my gosh..CALL! lol

nah i didn't start summer session..so now i'm just being lazy at home lol

drive foo! so you can come visit lol

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wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! pewhaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!

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nope you still got monday..yesterday doesn't count lol


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