Hello everyone, my name is Ellie and I am twenty years old. Though I am only twenty I am happily married to the man in the picture above with me. He is a Thai and Japanese man who loves me whole heartedly and no longer plays gaia. Which is fine with me. He still feeds my addiction every month and whenever I ask. xSeyer was my maiden name backwards but since I am no longer single it's funny. I currently live in Chicago, IL and have hailed from California and Florida. My husband as well. I am Filipino, I was raised there before moving out here to the US when I was three so I have honestly never been anywhere else. Now onwards. I have been on Gaia since '05 and I have accumulated not a lot of wealth but enough to make me feel comfortable for the moment. I have spent a lot of my time buying art from amazing artists of either my avis or my OCs. I roleplay a lot and I am on the advance literate level and I specialize in Korean Roleplaying but that doesn't mean that I don't do other things. On the contrary I often can do much more. I make graphics here on Gaia for a "living" someone needs something is my motto. I have also made a few amazing friends on the way. Keitsuji, D0LLIA, and l Ruki l are my newest and oldest artist friends. They do magnificent work and I try to show them off as much as I can. O n a l o s is the only person I go to for profiles. I won't order from anyone else because not only is she talented she is not overpriced. And finally we have Koiyama Isis and Saranghae Serenade. These two are my roleplay partners. Whenever I have a hankering for something I know these two lovely women are game.

Guize look I made an art collection!
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Report | 03/02/2014 6:23 pm


YES MAKE TONS OF ORCS!! also if you need an account, I have a spare one with ever xpack except MOP, me & a friend did the recruit & we got to 82 I think
so there'd be a free tauren druid for you or something LOL
it shouldn't be long before the beta is released tho, & once the beta is released it'll only be a couple months before WOD is released, so I'm guessing maybe december this year?? EXCITED!!!

n_n I'm so excited to play with you tho! It's gunna be great :3

Report | 03/02/2014 5:43 pm


yeah stormrage has a Q during night hours like this, usually times people get off from work n school so around 3 pm to 9pm are the busiest hours but any other time, smooth sailin, easy to get in!
as for the cross realm thing, even right now you can group up with people from your battletag/realID no matter the server! & since flex raiding came along it's pretty easy to raid with them to - thank god... it's going to save a lot of money for people like me who constantly realm hop back & forth x_x won't need to throw so much money to blizzard

& I won't mind at all! since you already play, making the transition from private to live won't be too hard for you! I mean, they're going to change A LOT of things but its nothing you won't be able to get used to, plus the new models will make it SOOOO worth it *-*

when & if you plan to make a warrior, we should level it together! I LOOOOVE twinking/leveling with pals, it gives me a reason to actually play the game outside LFR :3

Report | 03/02/2014 5:19 pm


since being on the famous erp realm I'm so jaded towards belfs like I cannot get myself to be enthusiastic to play one or anything... everyone & their mom plays & rps as a belf or some variation of "half elf"
it's kinda killed it for me... especially since I'm 100% inlove with orcs :c
erp is alright as long as people keep it t themselves imo x_x I've made it a rule of mine not to rp any romance-based rp, it just ruins the whole experience of rping if people only wanna erp my toons /sigh...
if you guys are looking for a good horde-populated realm, I think Zul'jin & Tichondrius are really booming right now but theres a queue to get in often. Stormrage is a good alliance-populated realm! I've got toons on em all aswell (except for Tichondrius)

as for the belf racial, the only benefit in it rn is that it duals as a silence & a rage/mana/energy boost. but I think they're swapping it out for a passive buff? idk I haven't read up on it much, but listened to a few podcasts/videos on it. The nelf buff is really cool tho! they give you like a crit buff during the day and a haste buff during the night!! theres going to be SOO many cool changes, I REALLY hope we get to experience some of those changes together tho n_n I really wanted to play with you

Report | 03/02/2014 2:25 pm


when you guys get on the live realms you should add me to btag!! I wanna play with you n_n
I'm really easy to please apparently because so far I'm inlove with every model & their updates, I'm really excited to see all the new skins, faces, hairstyles, w/e else they're adding to spice it all up! so curious about how nelfs are gunna look at this point.... too curious.
Did you see the new racials they're gunna put up?! ITS REALLY COOL but I'm still kinda sad they're gunna take out orcs specialty with axes... ;-;

btw have you two decided on a realm to play on so far? (if you rp at all come with me to Moon Guard!! horde side of course)

Report | 03/01/2014 10:35 pm


have ya gone to the live realms yet or are you still playing on the private servers with the hubby? surprised
I might be raid healing when Warlords hits, its gunna be a hell of a ride but honestly I'm stoked for it! especially since all my other attempts to raid have gone down the shitter....
speaking of which have ya seen any of the model updates n stuff?! FEM ORCS ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY!!

Report | 03/01/2014 5:07 pm


I'm not sure on what I'm doing yet, art wise since the inflation has really kind of crippled me since the last time I was here gonk
BUT YE I'll be doing both simultaneously! I don't see why I can't do warcraft-y stuff here too y'know!
but other than that how have you been doing pretty lady


Report | 03/01/2014 8:11 am


hey dude, havent seen you on skype in a while
hope things are good for ya n_n guess who's trying to get back into gaia
(it me)
Cotton Candy Creme

Report | 09/24/2013 4:44 pm

Cotton Candy Creme

=3 I just did. I was updating my interests and decided to see who else was interested in SHINee. You were in the results 3nodding

Report | 09/13/2013 1:42 am


Came to ask about your Ice Queen as I'm hosting a Dec. event this year.

Got distracted by your profile, your story & art is lovely.

My husband doesn't play Gaia much either.

Went ahead and bought the item rather than ask for lowest & go threw all that.
Thanks & see you around!
Fruit Topping

Report | 07/24/2013 8:20 pm

Fruit Topping

Thanks! heart


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