Blast this s**t on my cannon!

Its me alright,damn,im hot hehe yaaaaa!

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Birthday: 10/06

People who watch my every freakin move

Royal IV on 07/29/2015
SamaelShaxStolas on 07/26/2015
Aria IV on 07/24/2015
Golden Grizz on 07/24/2015
cheeky mojo on 07/21/2015
heur-yeo on 07/20/2015
Cheat_Skill on 07/20/2015
boy food on 07/18/2015
CumuIus on 07/18/2015
Naughty Senpai on 07/17/2015
Lestelle Rayne on 07/17/2015
darkclownraven on 07/17/2015
Necro Cross on 07/16/2015
BattIetoads on 07/16/2015
Hurrak on 07/14/2015
-I-Stitched Kitsune-I on 07/11/2015
Ateru Kimuro on 07/09/2015
The Giggles on 07/09/2015
Liliana The Soulless on 07/08/2015
Angel Von Helson 711 on 07/08/2015

well,watch ya gonna do? stare at me all freakin day?!

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xRay Blastbeats

Oh ya,my skype is Rayray_Rbk_Shizzles if yall want to talk or something.