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~ Oh Boy ~


Hello person who is viewing this smexy profile right now~ emotion_smilies/icon_C8.png
There isn't much about me actually, so yeah. Keep reading if you'd l[/quote]ike!


=I'll just give you guys some things about me on what I like and dislike. Sounds good, right? smilies/icon_3nodding.gif

- anime
- reading mangas
- Vocaloid
- Kpop
- Jpop
- FOOD smilies/icon_heart.gif
- nice and amazing people smilies/icon_whee.gif
- music
- jokes

- disrespectful people
- imposers
- #swegfagswhotlklykedis

Welp, that is all you need to know so ask if you want to know more about me, mkay ?

Bye - bye ! emotion_smilies/icon_yatta.gif



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SatanicKittyTitties Report | 01/09/2015 9:23 pm
It's okay c:
SatanicKittyTitties Report | 01/07/2015 11:51 pm

( ノ ಥ 益 ಥ )ノ ┻━┻
( ☞゚ ∀゚ ) ☞
sup homie

┻━┻ ︵ ლ ( ಠ 益 ಠ ლ )

SatanicKittyTitties Report | 01/07/2015 11:16 pm

( ノ ಥ 益 ಥ )ノ ┻━┻
( ☞゚ ∀゚ ) ☞

┻━┻ ︵ ლ ( ಠ 益 ಠ ლ )

Legendary Vanguard Akira Report | 12/11/2014 7:08 pm
Legendary Vanguard Akira
You had better study! The holidays will be so much better knowing you aced your classes.
Legendary Vanguard Akira Report | 12/09/2014 6:20 pm
Legendary Vanguard Akira
Great, I'm almost done with exams ;DDD. hbu? Enjoying the holidays?
Legendary Vanguard Akira Report | 12/08/2014 5:49 pm
Legendary Vanguard Akira
Apology accepted
Legendary Vanguard Akira Report | 12/06/2014 9:52 am
Legendary Vanguard Akira
Stop leaving me for so loooooong!
Legendary Vanguard Akira Report | 11/08/2014 7:52 pm
Legendary Vanguard Akira
Adeee-Ayaeee Report | 09/23/2014 10:37 am
Hmm well idk much of what to make of that because I'd need to know more.
Like why exactly would you feel like a burden? Just because of the replying bit?
If so, eh that shouldn't be a reason to feel like a burden. Unless you constantly
bombard him with messages or something.

I've felt like a burden before and it
was because I was treated like one. One of my companions was just a total
b*****d to me like that. Other times I have been an actual burden because I
let myself be needy, like I constantly txted and called my companion, like I'd
call him like 20 times when he didn't answer. I find it that the, 'always be cool'
method works wonders. If you force yourself at someone it will likely drive
them away, but if you act mellow then things work better.

Or well that was
my experience with most people at least. Everyone's different so I guess it
can be hard to say. I guess, just do what you feel is right and always follow
your own heart and instincts and if you mess up, just move on and learn from
your mistakes. Always look forward to the future of things. heart
Adeee-Ayaeee Report | 09/22/2014 11:28 pm
Nah it's not childish. It's normal. When you fancy someone you
tend to wonder all sorts of things about them. For me, I'm always
thinking about my companion (lover). There's never a moment
where I'm not thinking about him. Even if I'm freaking out, I just
think his name in my mind to help me not trip out as much. Well
if your not sure how he feels, maybe tell him how you feel and or
ask if he feels the same. If not, well perhaps yas can just have
some other sort of relationship with him than your preferred one.

It didn't work out between me and another of my companions, so we just
ended up staying friends. Eh well I also know that it can always
be different because everyone's different and situations are always
different as well. Eh life is just complex like that I suppose. I guess
just try and make the best of everything if it's even remotely a possibility.

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