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Thoughts anyone?



This profile is a mule, i'll just write an about me anyways.
My first crush I had was Patrick Stump (random person screams *lies*) x3
anyways I am a decent person not grand but also not awful.
Don't get along with many other girls, just telling the truth here rolleyes
I recently dumped Fall Out Boy as my favorite band, dunno why really just a change of heart.
Can't make up my own mind.
When I need to tell you whats on my mind I will unless I am scared of what the person thinks.
Worst fear is going down things like hills, stairs ect. going up is fine just the coming down part that sucks.
I am quiet even online.
I like when hip hop, rap, and rock are combined (sue me for not sticking to one genre >.> wink
Hate opening up to people, so if you cracked the code than awesome ^^
Sometimes I sleep more then 3 hours sometimes I don't
Not online 24/7
tired always
headaches from life.
I vanish sometimes (never my fault)
every Friday and Sunday I make a 2 hour drive my sanity buttons will be broken those days.
I like staring at the moon cause it wont yell back or ask for money.
My favorite season is fall.
I am weird about flowers I wont pick them. (another thing that doesn't charge money for looking at)
eh gonna stop here bored atm and headphones are breaking so gonna buy new ones later.