Hi im Laura. im half black and live in canada, with my mom, little sister and little brother, along with my step dad. I have a bf that i love dearly... I HATE, almost all girls. they piss the ******** outa mee. So if your a girl try not to piss me off. Uhhh im like super dumb, and really slow. People say I should be blond. Uhhh. I LOVE taking pics, some call me a picture whoree .. VARY jealous person, hyped and crazy child. lmfao,I dont like fat people, and i get what ever i want most of the time there very few times i havent. I think im good looking if you dont, good for you..dont be puttin' down disses or saying imma' slut cause theres a good chance i dont no you, and if i did no you and you say s**t about me your face would probly be in the ground smile , i also dislike ugly people, i cant be friends or hang out with ugly people, i dont no why i juss cant...have a problem with that?!? go ******** your self smile i get angry really easy...and if your nice time me im sure i'll be nice to you. you diss me, i can promise you, you'll be dissed back ..The kind of music i listen too, well thats easy, i listen to
uuhh, i really listen to anything, but rap, and all that to do with rap the most =] .
What do i do on my free time. weellll right now.. my life is well addicted to the computer =] . On friday nights im always gone to the movies with juss about all my freinds..i can say im fairly popular, juss about everybody in the school no's mee, and believe it or not.. very few of them dont like me, i did say something in here about ugly and fat people. im sorry if your fat or somethingg, but its juss gross, and if your ugly.. well you cant really help that soooo i do talk to ugly people.. there juss not my friends, i normaly dont get back from the movies till 10 to 11:30 and i leave at 6. I love hanging out with my friends, But like i said beforee, right now im like addicted to the computer. Besides i see nothing wrong with that.. not like i have anything better to do, other then hang out with my friends. Who will only get me into trouble. I likee to fight too =] . One of the things im good at.
What i wanna be wheni grow upp.
i wanna be a model when i grow up.. or even make my own C.d..
Im good at anything that has to do with art. liikee drawing, and pome making annnd singing, deff singing. =] .
Ummm i faild grade 2.. but they skiped me up a grade. >.<
like i said before i live with my mom, shes pretty cool.. shes like a teens bestfriend, you can tell her everything, so yee me and her a pretty tight.
I have a step dad, i geuss you can say his my dad, he's been there moree then my real dad, if anything happen to him.. honestly i dontno what i would do.
My lil' sis, shes the shitt, but.. she could make her self prettyer. shes pretty cool, 18 months younger then mee. But there are lots of days i wanna kill her. most days..
My lil' brothers. hmm not much to say about him.
Hes juss a ******** nerd. But sooo cutee =].
Me and my brither and sisters have different dads.. so im like the only coloured one in the housee. its sorta weird but meh.

My boyfriend. well, hes so amazing. On days i wanna die i talk to him, and all i do is smile. Good looking, smart, funny, everything i want in a guy. He's juss so easy to love.
When we dissagree on something it kills me ever though that like normal everyhting lmfao. He makes me so happy, sometimes i feel like i cant go on with out him. Like if we ever brake up, i dont no what i would do, i would be such a mess. He has no idea how lucky i am to have him. he has no idea how much i love him, or care for him. Sometimes i wanna cry, cause all i wanna do is tell him, But theres no words to explain how much happiness his brings into my life. All i can say is "i love you"
and even that now juss seems like words.
I cant do nothing but think of him. I really dont no what would happen if i ever walked away, or if he ever walked away. I dont like saying this, but i need him. Hes the only thing that keeps me nice, only thing i wanna life for, only thing i wanna be perfect for. And it kills me to no i cant be perfect... but thats life right?.
>;[ right.

MY BEST FRIEND ON GAIA, IS: [[Mister Sex Hair]] that would be Christopher. He is the s**t! . Though we get in fights alot, over stupid s**t, yes . BUT HE STILL MY BEST FRIEND! . He makes me smile, and laugh. Speacialy when im sad about something, even though half the time it's him sad about something and i have to cheer him up, but its all good! .
Chris, has anger problems... more like mood swings, one min everythings fine, then hes like "YOUR FACE IS UGLY" and your all like "WTF, WANNA GO?" . And then you end up not talking to him for 3 days or more.
But he's my friend, and no matter how many fights we get into and how many times i've told him to go ******** him self, or what ever bad things we have said to each other, he my friend. And i dont think anything could change that, enless he has another mood swing and breaks his computer. But yeah, behind all that assholeness hes a awsome person, He has his moments when he's nice and careing! . He says hes a ******** up.. but he really isnt, er body makes mistakes, maybe not as many as him. But yeeeah! .
(will be continued, to lazy to type anymore)

YOUR THE BEST CHRIS your friend,


OKAY SO WTF!. STOP ******** PMING ME FOR ******** NUDE PICS, OR ASKING TO RP.WHAT EVER ******** "RPING" IS ******** .


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'b***h PLEASE

Umm this is my journal. i wright about people i like. people i dont like. thing..more things. pomes somtimes come in here to. And PICS


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Star Shadows Report | 08/08/2007 5:41 pm
Hey girl call me sometime
Adra21 Report | 05/24/2007 2:53 pm
Hey Laura, time not c u, how is it going??
Star Shadows Report | 05/23/2007 11:56 am
yes i wonder if u do Laura
[[Mister Sex Hair]] Report | 04/21/2007 7:12 pm
hahah thanks
so did you do anything for 420?
[[Mister Sex Hair]] Report | 04/13/2007 9:08 pm
I DO D: meany
haha yahh riight
[[Mister Sex Hair]] Report | 04/12/2007 3:34 pm
Boredom lol amongst other things you?

I miss talking to you too
oh well though
[[Mister Sex Hair]] Report | 04/12/2007 5:58 am
loser <33
saskue loves sakura Report | 04/09/2007 4:19 pm
[[Mister Sex Hair]] Report | 04/08/2007 4:48 pm
Read my page yo
I don't make signs
Trugen Report | 04/07/2007 2:39 pm


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