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Report | 07/22/2015 11:25 pm

Peony Lantern

Your avatar is glorious emotion_drool
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Report | 07/21/2015 8:16 am


sam im worried about u
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Report | 07/21/2015 8:10 am


ur hot xd dramallama wahmbulance whee
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Report | 07/19/2015 5:17 pm

The Plasmarifle

Thank you. I really do try.
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Report | 07/17/2015 10:01 pm


smile smile heart heart
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Report | 07/17/2015 9:58 pm


ur hot
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Report | 07/17/2015 1:19 am

Fighting American

It's fine. You just need some coffee.
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Report | 07/17/2015 1:09 am

Fighting American

Holy s**t! Read the third paragraph of my profile text if you truly want to know what type of person I am. I'm tired of being misjudged by anonymous strangers who have no inkling of my person, whatsoever.
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Report | 07/15/2015 3:29 pm

prins aster

aw it's really no big deal. i understand when people have to go their own way for a bit to deal with stuff and don't take it personally. i don't even like talking about my problems all the time, so it's cool.
yeah sigh it sucks so much. i really don't mind school that much it's mostly that it can be a lot of pressure to do your best, and there are so many different deadlines you have to meet. it's much more complicated than most jobs, but i really do have to get a degree so i'll try to suffer through it. at least i got into the college i wanted, that's something.

i'll have to check out that store then, i used to shop at yesstyle a lot if that's even still around, and they had a lot of cute clothes. sometimes they would come in not looking at all like the picture tho LOL. but i loved it most of the time. omg well at least you got a new one, I went and spent a little more because I needed a gaming laptop too, but I didn't exceed 1000. everything worked out so great i love it tbh. it's an msi and i didn't even know about that brand until a few months ago

omg i wish i could go to la, it's funny you mentioned it 3 weeks ago it was hotter here than it was in la and that made the news. the heat wave is over now thankfully and it's cloudy and windy now. i hope it starts raining soon i need cool badly because i don't have air conditioning in my room sigh. also if you want to talk more too i'm trying to get on skype more even tho i've been ignoring it for the past couple of months.
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Report | 07/15/2015 2:47 pm


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Report | 07/14/2015 7:02 pm

prins aster

haha like a year and a half
i took a break from school because it was so boring and hard to keep up with at that point in my life, but then i'm like wow i should finish up my generals so i can get a degree because it's been a while
it's so boring i have to take a placement test in a week to figure out where i'm at again to sign up for my math class because that's really one of the only ones i need left for that
i guess it will be exciting i'm doing blended coursework though so i won't have to take the bus as much as i had to in the past

i'm glad you're doing better though! i know what it's like to feel stuck from time to time it happens to all of us
you probably put up w/ more than i would lol anytime i don't want to do something i just don't do it and i'm trying to be more adult like and just endure it more
hopefully i wasn't the only person there for you but i saw lots of people reaching out and being supportive i hope it was the same irl!

what is uniqlo? i'm kinda jealous i desperately need new clothes, but all my money was put towards class tuition and my new laptop so i don't have a lot left over rn
i'm thinking about getting a part time job, but i also don't want to give myself an excuse to not be motivated to get good grades

also i haven't been anywhere this summer sadly, nobody really wants to go anywhere with me because everyone is busy w/ internships and summer classes sigh
i did go on a road trip to this beach just outside the city though and that was nice i guess, it's actually really hot up here lately
did you go anywhere?
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Report | 07/14/2015 6:43 pm

prins aster

hi sam!

i'm doing good, my summer has been pretty lazy since i have to go back to school in august cat_sad
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Report | 07/14/2015 3:15 pm


your avi is super cute.
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Report | 05/12/2015 7:11 pm


r u really moving to nebraska
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Report | 05/09/2015 4:03 pm


ur profile song inspired me to change mine to what it is now and i just realized theyre both signed on pc music lol
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Report | 05/07/2015 11:04 pm

Lamecakes v2

I think this is the first time you contacted me first exclaim
I'm touched crying
My Sambrero is evolving crying

My 2015 is goin pretty great, I've been able to travel a bit and I'm makin more money, and very recently just made a lady friend and I like where things are headed idea

How's your 2015? blaugh
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Report | 05/06/2015 11:06 pm


thx ur the best
whenever i went on your profile the first 2 seconds would play and it sounds terrible sorry!!!!!
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Report | 05/05/2015 7:17 pm


you should change your profile song
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Report | 04/23/2015 7:48 pm


sometimes i just wanna make a grindr and do all that s**t and live it up here i might do that when i turn 21 just to see what its like you know
i got hired in march! i love my coworkers a lot and customers like to compliment my hair which is nice
its one thing thats good which is a start i guess. im just sad about this summer cuz u know who isnt gonna be here and im not gonna know anyone really lol
thanks sam that is very kind of you to say
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Report | 04/23/2015 7:41 pm


do you have any thoughts on what u wanna do with your life
yeah u know me i love suckin dicks and bein a flamer smile i love my job which is nice! its honestly the only thing that makes me feel better these days. my relationship is s**t which sucks but it has been since sept so nothin new there. and i find out if i got into the uni i applied to on may 1st im scared.
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