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Report | 11/22/2014 5:41 pm

Lamecakes v2

Yeah, you'd better! stare
Nah I can't really scold you, I was probably worse at your age rofl

I'm sorry I couldn't help myself, my undying love for you was too much to resist and I just had to leave you a comment during class redface

Yeah it's kinda funny, seeing how addicted I was to Gaia xd
Man it's funny just thinking about how I've basically quit, never thought I'd see the day exclaim

Whatcha up to Sammy? Any Thanksgiving plans?
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Report | 11/16/2014 2:46 pm

Spot the Zebra

Spot the Zebra's avatar

Report | 11/16/2014 2:45 pm

Spot the Zebra

I was making fun of myself.
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Report | 11/16/2014 2:25 pm

Spot the Zebra

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Report | 11/13/2014 12:36 pm

Lamecakes v2

Ayyy Sambrero cool

$10 if you can guess what I'm doing now exclaim
Nvm I'll tell you. I'm grading papers, kinda... taking a little break from grading papers to type this comment exclaim

I should probably go before the kids realize the coolest guy on the planet is an anime nerd
I've never actually watched anime, but I have Gaia'd a lot in my day which is probably just as bad crying

You better be behaving yourself!!!
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Report | 11/13/2014 4:21 am


oh wow i haven't done one of those in forever
what made you want to do one?

i think the last one i did was one of those gaia evalentine thing
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Report | 11/09/2014 1:08 pm

l rose l

Thank you, I didn't know it was. sweatdrop
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Report | 11/08/2014 10:08 am


        that's fine!
        i'm not in any rush. c:
        take your time.
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Report | 11/07/2014 2:21 am


        Hope you've been well.

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Report | 11/02/2014 8:41 pm

beloved boom

holy s**t I accidently fell in a plutonic love with you November 2nd iowa

do you like talking much?

-name is emily
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Report | 10/18/2014 7:56 pm


You're not one of those craziess who thinks they can turn themmm.

Eww, that suckss.
It really does sound like they're trying to make you their gay best friend and they think your sexuality is the sole thing that defines you.
Time for some new friendsss.
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Report | 10/16/2014 4:11 pm


Oh, like straight males 'cause they'll think you're secretly in love with them or somethingg?

Hmm, what do you mean women care more about your sexuality than you do?
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Report | 10/13/2014 11:01 pm

slang tang

yeah but only to my 1 friend, ok if its a good one just don't post it and ruin my gaia life
umm yeahh u know when you love ur body and you want someone to look at it but dont wanna have send n***s i dont know how to say it
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Report | 10/13/2014 10:32 pm

I Have Sex With Cats

ahhhh fuuuck
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Report | 10/13/2014 9:40 pm

slang tang

do you have snapchat i send them out for fun if u screenshot them im calling social services though burning_eyes
yeah i mean i dont need someone tellin me i have a nice body cuz i already know i do its just like?!?! idunno its weird ive never done it before ive never been sexual with anyone ever
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Report | 10/13/2014 9:31 pm

slang tang

yeah idunno its ******** yeah i like him hes cool and i like it when he calls me a f*****t but its like im shy about sending n***s and stuff he wants me to like sext and im like whet im mentally 10 years old
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Report | 10/13/2014 9:22 pm

slang tang

LOL i look like a fool!!!!
its not thats why its long distance but hes like totally a sex addict and i dont see it working cuz idc about sex
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Report | 10/13/2014 9:05 pm

slang tang

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. cry what was funny i forgot what i said did i say something funny
im so upset how are you i hate long distance relationships
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Report | 10/13/2014 8:15 pm

slang tang

youre such a good writer sad
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
i loved fool by perfume genius the most and i liked the part of the kimbra song when she was like da ta da.. orw ahtever..
spike the senses was hot and the hunt was cool
but fool was te best out of all dem it made me feel some typa way cry
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Report | 10/13/2014 7:30 am

slang tang

arent all the people u talk to on the internet enough!!! idm 1 way or another
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