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My name is Sam.
I wish it were more unique, but don't tell my sister.
She gave me my name. In other words, she named me.

I like bugs, nature, inhaling helium from balloons, peanut butter, my cat, lizards, early SpongeBob, this vine, lying on my bed with the window open on a rainy day, raspberry smoothies, architecture, apples, artichokes, drawing eyeballs, seafood, Ezra Koenig's twitter, Dr. Pepper, swimming, Dance Dance Revolution, of Montreal, chrome appliances, vanilla ice cream, having dreams in which I can fly, Pokémon, complaining about feminists, my boyfriend, MGMT, snakes, cooking, my nephews, Simply Lemonade, servals, croquet, The Legend of Zelda, watching pinecones burn, and more.

Have a link to my face, if you're looking for that.
Feel free to leave me a comment.
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I'm 19, if that matters.

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