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Lake Kindred Trainer.
SDPlus Doll Collector.
RIG Addict.
Grunny Lover.
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Instagram & League of Legends: BeardFistofDoom
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I am daddy's little.
I love daddy more than anything in the world
I am his, only his, and always his.

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Crablobab Report | 09/15/2017 3:48 pm
if you or any of your friends needs an accuracy amulet for lake kindred i just got a 7% acc one as a drop. already got more than enough of the things myself anyway.
Crablobab Report | 09/15/2017 1:32 pm
these new havencrest items are pretty cool, aren't they? just make sure you wait a while for the prices on everything to stabilize before you buy anything, sometimes on new releases the prices are really out of whack until there's enough of a supply. like, that cursed witching rebel item used to be 500m, jumped to 20b and then dropped to where it is now.
Crablobab Report | 09/14/2017 12:45 pm
called your boyfriend daddy last night? i don't think I need to ask what was happening back then. gotta be honest though it is a good username, he's done well. Even knowing eachother's gaia accounts... you brave souls. it's hella cheesy like you said but it's not like anything on here isn't anymore, haha.

that's partially the reason I haven't changed mine, wouldn't want to drag through that lol. that and I can't come up with names at all. not good ones, anyway.
Crablobab Report | 09/13/2017 8:10 pm
oh, my

Hello... mrs. daddy? nice name, I think. What made you change your old one? the new one's pretty funny tbh
xMr Daddy Report | 09/11/2017 6:23 am
Guess what?
Crablobab Report | 09/08/2017 1:57 pm
Oh, nice! How many do you have to go now? I don't even know how many dolls there are on this site. Somewhere around 650, maybe? You must have a pretty good amount of them by now. Just try not to go completely flat broke, haha. I'm slowly falling into that rut since I haven't sold anything/grinded for gold in such a long time.

lol, it's not that bad to collect them I think. As long as you enjoy it and feel the time you put into it is worth it. I don't really collect anything right now, although I do have an old stash of pokemon cards from when I was little. I don't think I have anything really rare, though.

Really? I'm surprised you don't have more friends on here. I'm sure a lot of people would enjoy talking to you. I guess you just gotta go out there and expose yourself somehow. Most of my friends on here are originally from meeting them in towns/sending gifts/helping them. Now that I look at it, I don't even have the achievement for sending a friend request yet.

I know for sure if I suddenly got that much gold I'd try to revive my giveaway thread and just make it rain. I don't even know what I'd buy to blow through that much gold.
Crablobab Report | 09/08/2017 1:02 pm
Dang, such a pain that only the plat ticket can give that many copies. I get this site needs to make a profit somehow, but I feel like the doll wouldn't really see much use if there's so few copies of it existing. That and you'd want to share it with others anyway. I mean, if I had a bunch of dolls of myself I'd probably keep one, gift most of them and sell a couple.

Haha, that is actually pretty neat. Like carrying a little piece of them around. They're so rare too, it's really unlikely that someone they don't know will get one. Kind of like a status symbol saying, "this person is my friend!"

Mmm, depends. Most likely I'd just sell it and live off of the profits for all of eternity. I'd set aside like 10 trillion for myself and use the rest on gifts and helping people through their quests. It's really rare that I even make actual avatars anyway, so I don't have much use for gold or items.

thanks! this was the one that someone in the chatterbox made for me. Apparently it was an inventory-only ghost but I had no idea I even have 90% of these items. I was just like, "whoa that item's cool, oh I have that? that item's pretty cool too, wait where'd I get that?"
Bluevamp7275 Report | 09/07/2017 2:15 pm
thank u 4 buying at my store
hope u like it n enjoy it
hope to see u again soon cat_4laugh
Crablobab Report | 09/07/2017 2:10 pm
Two of them? Dang, aren't those things pretty expensive? Weird to see how many people get banned anymore, for some reason the mods on this site are really strict. I guess I'm pretty lucky that I've never been banned. Not yet, anyway.

I've pretty much come to terms that I'll never get one of those things. They're crazy expensive. Not that I'd even know what to do with it if I got one. I'd probably end up never using it.

thank you! I'll find a time to use it, surely.
Crablobab Report | 09/07/2017 1:23 pm
If you don't want to sell it or keep it, that'd be wonderful. You might be better off just selling it though and having that go towards your quest since I don't use actual avatars like this usually.

I managed to pick up mine a while ago on the market, not sure for how much but they feel crazy expensive for how small they are. Especially some of its recolours. The blonde one's like triple the price.

You think you'll ever try to get around to making your own doll? The startup cost is... a bit expensive, to say the least, but it'd be pretty cool.

oh, whoops. Yeah, tracking stuff like that is a pain. On that charity thread I had up before I was trying to track all the gifts I gave out, but it adds up surprisingly fast. People seemed to appreciate it, although I think I'm done with that thread for a long while. Tried to necro it a while back to no avail as well.


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