Alright, so I am finally updating this. 11/11/11 at 11:10!

My name is Mikeh. It's actually Mike, but I prefer Mikeh. I have been on Gaia FOREVER.. Okay, not really, I joined around January 2004. This account has gone through many name changes. Originally I was Big Baby Sweetz, followed by Newb-with-a-Halo, then Doleful Heart, now xMikeh.

I've probably lost more gold on this site than 99% of Gaians have seen. That name Newb-with-a-Halo wasn't a joke. ;o Was my favorite name and avatar.

I am currently 23 years old, I am married to someone who isn't on Gaia. We have two kids together, they are absolutely beautiful. Ian my son is 5, turning 6 on Christmas, and my daughter Makayla-Lynn just turned 2 on Oct 30th.

I used to play Maplestory, I have a level 200 NightLord named ToHellanBak, and many many other chars, though I also recently quit that too. Need to find a new vice.

I doubt anyone has even gotten this far in my "about me" page, but if you have, thanks for reading. The images down below are quite old, I'm not feeling the urge to replace those tonight.

Links to pictures of Me/art/Maple

[Maplestory Me]
Ian :: Drawn by Suuryn
Maple Art
My son and Myself (I don't have hair anymore!)
I am a Showoff.
My son when he was born, four hours old.
Isn\'t he cute?
Art from Twism, she still owes me another ;d
Ian again <3
Did I mention I like art?
I drew this on Paint like three years ago
For those of you who remember Guujin, yeah.
Can you guess?
More art!
NwaH art
More Nwah
Last one for now.

-Rant of Kiiro-
This is Kiiro, leaving her mark and luv for teh xMikeh. :3 And I must say, regardless of everything anyone can ever say about Mikeh, he is an amazing individual. He will not mess with you, if you leave him be. He's very intelligent, and knows how to read people very well. I've grown to respect him a lot, as a friend, as a gaian, and as another parent. His son Ian is too cute for words. And you can't not anticipate the coming of his new daughter! His wife is beautiful and also an amazing person. She is sassy, and sweet when you're on her good side. Please don't judge Mikeh unless you know him well enough to do so. Just remember it is the interwebs. And things are always easily misinterpreted. If you have a problem, take it up with me, Miss Kiiro. He goes through enough in life, as we all do. But I'd take up the trouble for him, knowing he's always got my back as well. Regardless of what anyone says or warns, I will always be fond of him. He's truly an interesting human being worth knowing. And if he's in your life, be thankful for the opportunity. Aside from the tons of other things I can remark about this man, I'll cut it short and say I love Mikeh, Erin, and their beautiful kids to bits. They're awesome. <3


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Me, myself, and I

I really will never write in here, I'm sorry for getting your hopes up with it.



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I feel super tired for some reason. x.X
I need something to dooooo. emo User Image

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Not much. Just kind of lurkin' to be honest and watching futurama. rofl
There really isn't one man.. this site sucks now. Katie (dj) made me come back, soooo. >> lollll


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rofl rofl
Not at all, man! xDDD

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Thanks, love. heart
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S t e p h e n

You´re still around, eh?
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forgot you're younger then me. lol young people and there children, makes me glad I'll never have any.
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That's cause you are old! lol I turn 25 on the 17th, so I feel old.
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You could always get back into it, you were a amazing exchanger. Also I'm doing fine, I don't go on the internet as often anymore, but I tend to keep my internet use down to 3 hours a day. Other then that I'm doing good. You hanging in there?
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Ah, I see. I still go on here for the same thing preety much, except this time I just lurk and talk to people.