Hi, my name is Amanda. You may call me 'Manda.
I'm addicted to Harry Potter [Proud Hufflepuff] and I love books. I plan to become an author and love to write. Whether my ideas are good or not, depends on the person. I love to roleplay. It excrises my writing skills.

Oh! Before you go, I wanted to say:
God loves you and you're beautiful. Even if you don't feel like it.


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So pretty much I suck with replies atm, cause I have been off gaia kinda lately.
But yeah...
Nope never read it, is it any good?

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oh gosh, i'm so sorry if you thought i was ignoring you. You see I have a really bad internet connection up at the moment, so yeah...
you sound very interesting, unique and cool. personally im an animal lover too, you see im trying to get a job at a vet clinic at the moment.

well, hmm where to start off. My name is Claudia, I'm 14 years old (same as you XD). I love to reading and sometimes I like to write depending on my mood.
I live in Australia and i'm sort of shy but also outgoing at the same time. I love blue things and babushka dolls.
And an odd fact I have is that I like to smell chlorine. =)

wow gosh that was long, sorry about that sweatdrop
so anyways how was your day?

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oh okay then, i shall be your best friend then XD
naww shucks you're amazing too
so tell me a little about yourself ms.hufflepuff?
daw the art is so cute, thankyou.
i wish i could draw,if i could i would draw you too.

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ahhh noo don't eat me D:

haha I believe twins is more like it.
but best friends is fine with me too.

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Hi there fellow Hufflepuff,
This is just really random I just saw your freebie thread and thought oh she's a harry potter addict just like me.
Anyways I just read you're profile and you sound exactly like me I mean I love to read and write to.
But I guess that's just why we're both hufflepuffs.

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thx for buying

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Hi! I am headmistress Sing at Hogwarts guild of witchcraft and wizadry! I was hoping you'd join us for an awesome year there, since i noticed you liked ahrry potter! Quidditch is starting up, it would be fantastic if we got more players, and once you read the how to join and send a join request, i'll accept it, put you in a house, and give you a schedule with your classes on it! It's pretty simple, and i hope you will consider my guild! thank you! Heres the link: ( http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/memberlist/id.327733 )
Clockwork Obsession

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Clockwork Obsession

He's just weird. xD
Clockwork Obsession

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Clockwork Obsession

Lol, same here. My brother read the HP books, but he's DETERMINED to have nothing to do with little extensions of Harry Potter like AVPM and stuff. ;-;
He was looking all...judgmentally at me. xD
Clockwork Obsession

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Clockwork Obsession

Erk, I know how that is. D;



My Loves:
1. God
2. Harry Potter
3. Glee

Yeah, and I'm a NERDFIGHTER!

Beat that!