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About Me

My name is Alexia
I'm 22
I'm Mentally Disable - I'm on disababilty and have been for almost 7 years.
i have a childs mind and cant keep still long enough through movies,
i watch pbs cartoons. i enjoy kid things. i may be 22 but i still cant act it.
I'm Not always in my right mind
I'm not Perfect
i go through depression even after taking medication for it
i'm not always cheerful and bubbling about
I like Dinosaurs and Rockets, Astronauts are my favorite people,
i love helicopters,boats,swimming,reading,firefighters,fire trucks,Libraries,
fishing,camping,smore's.Anime,Trains,tigers,the wizard of oz,Eminem,all different varieties of music,my grammar isn't perfect either, I have been on gaia almost 10 years now. so yea i don't get butthurt over rude comments.
all those people on my profile are my friends, they have been through alot and i support them, mess with them or hurt them and ill kick your internet a**.
I'm not against gays or bisexuals or any other kind of love.
i have a weak heart at times and my lungs aren't so great.
i have a caring mom even though we fight a lot.
i have asthma medication and i take regular meds for other conditions.
i'm not the kind of person that goes to parties to drink and have fun,
i'm the kind of girl who likes video games, staying at home reading,swimming,taking walks,fishing,hiking,
I'm not afraid of dirt, or germs. Iv been a member of gaia since 2006, but this account is 2008 because i quit for 2 years. I'm not easy talking with others especially boys, it's easier for me to chat with girls, i hate make-up, wearing skirts and high heels,I'd rather wear slippers ,pajama's and -shirts all day.
my zodiac is the year of the monkey. and i like monkeys. i'm not a clean freak, i hate to clean. i cook sometimes but i'm better at baking.
just ask

donators go here yea v

Cyanide Flavored Tea :heart:
Violence in Your Heart- helped me with my alchemy quests :heart:
Chefy Anon - Gigantous Strawberry Biscuit Stick :heart:
aekta--Mademoiselle Brun T_T :bigheart:
anon-You got: Bloody Devil Wing Bundle (Common) T_T :0a0:
Duke Von Shnozz :heart: :heart:
RoseColouredPetal - :heart:
Cambrie Noel - :bigheart:
Jensen is Awesome- really helped me out a lot :bigheart:
hurrhurrdurr- 2 full trades of amazing items :bigheart:
Level 6 Pichu- gave me a heart attack T_T (Schoolboy's Style) :jawdrop::bigheart:
Venii Vidii Vicii V2- 2 trades of junk items, omg :shock:
Your Angel from Above-(anon) Black Sea Scoundrel :heart: :heart: :heart:
ashbino-100 mill + Witch's Regal Revelry :bigheart:
Volcality- really beautiful art :jawdrop:
neviltis-Climbing Demon :jawdrop: :bigheart:
ZombieHickeys- 200 million :bigheart:
l S0ULS l - 8 million :bigheart:
Lokenlynn-a really really amazing person :0a0: :bigheart:
RazorMusic-3.4 mill :heart:
Kitsune no Katon-72 million :bigheart:
Arlette Mori-tokki eclipse :bigheart:
growlithe lv12- 10 wonderful items omg T_T :jawdrop: :bigheart:
Contentious Fantasy -10 mill :bigheart:
Conceal dont feel-fragrant heartbeat - :bigheart:
inu_spike89-sold me lavish lucie for 50 mill :bigheart:
-Your Friendly Neighborhood CB Stalker.- rosamund's passion :bigheart:
Pokiimon-12.9 mill to help buy kitten star :bigheart:
Missibug-100 million :bigheart: :jawdrop:
Imhotpink4ever- she's the greatest :bigheart:
spiiideryy-4 items :heart:
Nerosity- 15k + 5 items :heart:
Nona-100k :heart:
Imperial Shockies- 100k :heart:
spasmical- 1 million :heart:
Sheer Sensation - a full trade of equip items :heart:
anon-Onei the dark unicorn- thank you thank you T_T
iiShanow-400k :heart:
the Invisible Princess Anon- whispering wisteria :bigheart:
PrincessCupcake1-an awesome friend and the greatest :bigheart:
fagflavoredorgasm- socks from my wishlist :heart:
skarlis- little lucie 2nd gen :bigheart:
the rhyming anon-dark heart :bigheart:
Sir Twitty-100k :heart:
im solo sugar- finn the human boy :bigheart:
x-Ohh_Alexa-x- finn the human boy :bigheart:
anon- gogh reed 13th gen :bigheart:
shy anon- box of heart chocolates :) :heart:
--The Tea Goddess- halo of Bayanihan :bigheart:
Pixel Unicorns- 422,729k :bigheart:
Yuval IV- 2k plus a trade of items :heart:
hvmbIe-450k :bigheart:
bonzly- helped me a lot :bigheart:
Teddy Sheeran Anon-afternoon tea bundle :bigheart:
A Random Fairy- cheek sparkles T_T :bigheart:
The Facts Guy-800k :bigheart:
anon- silver promise ring :heart:
ringo sleuth -bookish insect :heart:
OPAL Swain-yellow body dye :bigheart:
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fagflavoredorgasm :bigheart:
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Jigsaw Chan- Wild Dawn :bigheart:
I OutSpread I- 1 mill :heart:
anonymous benefactor- Malevolent Summon T_TT_T :bigheart:
bad gamble=10 bill :shock:


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pink wig thick a-s-s Report | 07/25/2015 4:59 pm
Thanks for buying ~
Bonzly Report | 07/24/2015 5:30 pm
Woo woo!
Bonzly Report | 07/24/2015 5:21 pm
That is completely ridiculous. I'm sorry it happened to you.
Bonzly Report | 07/24/2015 5:08 pm
Goodness, I'm sorry. Are you all right, at least?
Bonzly Report | 07/24/2015 4:46 pm
Where were you before?
Bonzly Report | 07/24/2015 4:33 pm
You're welcome.
Bonzly Report | 05/30/2015 11:09 am
Just leave her alone.
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Bonzly Report | 05/30/2015 10:40 am
Let me check.
Ash Duke Report | 05/17/2015 6:30 pm
Hi mrgreen
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qq RiOt pp

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