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about me!

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Hello, I'm Aaron
Androgynous × African American × Capricorn

I am an artist of some sorts

You can PM me about questions, ask to be my friend, or buy art ect.
I must warn you that you will most likely come across me
saying unusual things in the word games forum
Well that's all I can think of to tell you as of now,
if you want to know more things or are in dire need of a friend feel free to contact me (:
(I'm not on as frequent, but the offer still holds)
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God of Death

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My severe injuries had healed and the sweet taste of blood
coated my mouth.
I kept walking, my goal vague...trying to
dispel the building unease in my chest... Upon entering an open area was the scent of rotting flowers and in the middle of the flowerbed, he stood...



I've had people donate items off my wishlist and I want to say thank you (if you do it off anon, I insist that you let me at least draw you in return)